Providing licensed, trained and professional security staff across all major sectors is our main specialty. Our strengths in recruitment and training means that we have the right personnel on hand with the expertise to cope with the wide variety of situations they may encounter. Our Security guards are trained in the techniques and methods which help them to detect, deter and repel attempts of trespassing, theft of property, fire, conflict, willful or accidental damage to the property.

  • Building Profile
  • Existence of Clearly Written Security Objectives
  • Completeness of General Orders and Instructions to Security Staff
  • Review Access Control System and Procedures
  • Security Hardware,Software and Communications Systems
  • Documentation / Paper Review Trail
  • Emergency Procedures and Simulations
  • Security Guard and Employee Screening, Recruiting and Training Procedures
  • Staff Competency Levels
  • Work Carried Out Congruent with General Orders and/or Contract
  • Problematic Areas (Tenant Interviews, tenants with Special Needs)
  • Management, Head Office
  • Management Information and Tenant Value
  • Assessment – Economic and Risk
  • Value for Money
  • Security Needs Established
  • Threat Assessment
  • Existence and Adequacy of Recovery Plans
  • Computer and Data Security
  • Terrorism and Anti-Terrorism Considerations
  • Medical Emergency Preparedness and Response
  • Vulnerability Assessment
  • Loss Prevention Issues
  • Tenant, Employee and Contractor Recommendations

Each review is headed by a team of experts with extensive security experience. Once the analysis has been completed, you will receive a detailed report that highlights the strengths and weaknesses of your current setup. The report includes recommendations for increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your company’s security program.

We will then assist you in implementing the recommendations included in the report. As a full service security provider, we offer the professional services you need to meet the recommendations resulting from the review.

Our commitment to providing quality service continues after the recommended strategies have been put into action. We conduct ongoing reviews and evaluations of the security programs. This ensures that the company’s security is always operating at maximum efficiency and cost effectiveness providing our clients with true value for their security dollars.

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