I.G.S. Security offers security consulting as well as a wide range of services for all types of commercial enterprises, including: office towers, shopping centres, retail stores & wholesale outlets, banks, hotels and industrial plants.

We offer the following security services for commercial businesses:

Security Consulting

I.G.S. and its partners work with your management and staff to better understand their business and particular security requirements. The bottom line of the consulting process is to ensure that you are getting the best value for your security investment. Our approach is based on a model adapted from al/mp Security which involves properly evaluating risks and threats as well as establishing the most effective and efficient policies and procedures to address them.

I.G.S. Security Review

A security review involves a detailed assessment of your existing security operations. Our team of security partner experts, working closely with your management and staff, conduct an intensive investigation of every aspect of your security operations.

Once the analysis has been completed, a detailed report highlighting the strengths and weaknesses of your current setup is issued. The report includes recommendations for increasing the efficiency and cost effectiveness of your company’s security program.

After the recommendations have been implemented, we conduct ongoing reviews of the security system to ensure that you receive full value for your investment.

Security Agents

I.G.S. has over 500 fully trained and qualified security agents working at commercial businesses throughout the Greater Montreal area. We use sophisticated computer software and security systems to assist us in better servicing our clients. This enables us to streamline our security systems and controls, making more efficient use of your staff’s time. Through effective planning with your staff and management, we gain an understanding of your requirements and develop a program which meets their needs.
I.G.S. offers a unique security agent Management Contract program. Under the program, agents work on the building owner or manager’s payroll. This provides them with increased control over the employees’ activities. I.G.S. provides:

  • Complete training program
  • Uniform and equipment
  • Agent scheduling and timetable tracking assistance to the employer
  • Assistance in the creation of standarts as well as building rules and regulations

Security Vehicle Patrols

An experienced I.G.S. patroller visits your business at regular intervals to check locks, doors, alarms, boilers, furnaces, timers, thermostats or any other equipment that requires monitoring. The visits are scheduled at random intervals over a set period in order to avoid a predictable pattern. Patrols are tracked using portable electronic readers which record time and location of patrols. Patrols can reduce the cost of your insurance and/or operational cost related to malfunctioning equipment

Security Systems

I.G.S. offers a variety of security systems to help better protect your business. We can help you minimize the opportunity for criminal activity and dishonesty in your workplace, with the installation and monitoring of high quality security devices just as alarms, CCTV and access control systems that will meet your needs and deter vandalism.

Customized Training

I.G.S. and its service partners provides customized security training for company management and staff. These programs are designed to help develop security awareness and skills in dealing with threatening or potentially threatening situations.


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