What is event security? 
If you are on the way to organizing a top-tier event, one crucial aspect to take care of is the security of the venue. Event security is vital not only for the performing artists, hosts, and judges but also for the onlookers. Event securities are well equipped and organized to make the proceedings of the event as smooth as possible. They have security strategies, proper allocation of working personnel, a strict curriculum to adhere to, along with some high-grade equipment in case the crowd begins to go wild. 
Essential measures for adequate event security 

  • Guestlist: Event security is hired for a big scale event where the people will be of utmost importance, and they will be significant in number. The event security service must be well equipped to take care of the entrance and exit of every single individual in the event. This included checking their presence against the guest list provided, ensuring proper identification, and checking them for any dangerous gadgets. This is crucial not because you do not trust your guests but also to keep track of any unregistered individual who may want to jinx the event. 
  • Security checkpoints and cybersecurity: The venue must be well mapped out with the appointment of guards to their designated places done beforehand. The parking area, main entrance, swimming pool entrances, and auditorium should be covered with the required amount of safety. The main entries and exits should be well guarded, and the ones that are not going to be used for the event must be temporality sealed. Additionally, checkpoints should also use camera and heat sensors to account for any suspicious activity that may have gone unnoticed by manual search. 
  • Smooth communication: No event has been successful without effective communication between the different authorities involved in planning the event. The event security should have walkie-talkies and all communication lines open to assess the situation and safety of various places in one go and collectively. This ensures proper coordination and safety of the people that are actively engaged in organizing the main event. 
  • Keeping an eye out: Intuition and alertness are two handy traits that come with adequate event security. Guards must look out for any uncomfortable expressions, unregistered activities across the premise, or any disappearances. People must be encouraged to report anything that may be foul or unnatural according to them. This ensures that the people attending the event and the guards responsible for maintaining calmness and order work alongside correctly concluding the event night.   
  • Emergency protocol: There should be a ready emergency exit plan that must be circulated throughout the venue, with the officials and guards being entirely aware of the same. In the case where immediate evacuation is inevitable, the security personnel must make it a priority to first escort the people to safety and then work on reducing the intensity of the situation, if possible.  
  • Crowd management: The most vital point on the radar is regulating the crowd at the event. The highest number of people that can be present in any given room or vicinity must be pre-decided. If the limit is surpassed, immediate measures must be taken to control the strength of the place. Accidents and mishappening are more probable when there are more people since the more the crowd, the more distracted people are. The public should be regulated near and inside dining halls, main auditorium, outside lounge space, or any other area under the venue. 


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