Everyone is hungry to get answers to their queries. Why is that so? Why isn’t that so? Why has it changed? Why hasn’t it been taken care of?
We care to ask so many “Why’s” because we need assurance of everything that has happened. In this era of technology and fast growing world, dangers are exponentially increasing. You may not know, the danger might be sitting a few inches apart from you. The security or surveillance cameras and the installed security system do help to keep the house, or office, or building secure; but they are just primary measures to secure your home or office. The security camera won’t be able to fight off a burglar who has entered your house, but surely can notify the officials of the burglary. By the time officials arrive at your place the burgary would have already taken place.
This calls for a need for a security guard in the premises along with the security system. Security guards can aid in preventing crime, maintain security as well as assist the clients, customers, employees in various ways. There are multiple benefits of a trained security guard-

  1. Trained guards have a high sense of security. Keeping highly trained guards will keep the robbers at bay. Armed guards know how to draw and use their weapons when needed. They are trained for such crucial moments and can prevent the crime from happening.
  2. Before the trained guards are assigned to their duty or assignments, the guards undergo multiple training assignments. They train using weapons which are licensed. Unless they pass the standard test they cannot be assigned duty.
  3. Their training helps them to quickly respond to crimes, they have been trained, hence it helps with their quick reflexes to respond accurately to a crime. Consider the act as first aid which is necessary before you start your treatment.
  4. Any legitimate company would check the backgrounds of their guards before deploying them. Armed guards have to go through a mandatory background check as they would be entrusted with weapons in the longer run.
  5. The armed guards have licensed weapons with them; their personal details such as fingerprints are stored in a database as they will be handling weapons. You can be relaxed knowing that the armed personnels have no criminal records and they have passed all the physiological examinations and are in the proper state of mind to take any risk-related and faster decisions regarding safeguarding and securing.
  6. Trained guards are vigilant and can spot crimes. They are trained to do multiple tasks at a time- monitor camera feeds, and the premises. It is not an easy task to concentrate on the ongoing business with a relaxed mind along with checking on multiple side tasks.
  7. The armed guards act as the first line of defence. They know exactly how to apprehend the criminal or culprit safely without causing much damage to the property as well as keep others safe. Since they are familiar with such situations from their training, and can handle the situation with better clarity.
  8. Unarmed security guards and armed security guards only differ with the usage of weapons. They are both trained under a strict regime to be effective severely as well as are equipped with good customer service skills.

Any legitimate security firm will have the following points at check-
Insurance and license, Staff training, Service delivery, Reviews and ratings, Your budget, Experience, Quality of their training. It is vital for you and your family/business to be well guarded and secure the territory you live in.

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