Safety and security are the most emphasized subjects in today’s world. Nowadays, every phase of our life is surrounding by risk and uncertainty. Risk is the park and parcel of our time, and avoiding it can be an impossible task. We need to take proper safety measures and take the necessary steps to prevent any unforeseen circumstances. Businesses are exposed to various type of threats and warnings at all times. Maintaining a safe and healthy workplace is the need of the hour and protecting every employee is the main aim of the employer.
Safety is an essential aspect of any industry as a conducive environment will boost the morale of the employees. A secure and sound workplace will also enhance the productivity of every being and provide them with a deep sense of security. By inculcating several security programs and measures, we can improve the quality of life for every worker. Besides this, we can take a business to a higher level by taking charge of every person at work.
There are various precautions we can take to maintain a safe and sound work environment and assuring each individual they are not exposed to any kind of threat. in this respect, when we talk bout personal safety, it means avoiding harmful and threatful situations in our surroundings. This is why it is prudent to hire security guards to prevent any sort of crime and create a peaceful environment at work. So let us examine in detail the duties of a security guard at the workplace:
Staying alert and observing: A security guard should have a good knowledge of his surroundings. It is crucial to remain vigilant and alert and identifying if any unusual thing is happening at the site. You have to have a keen sense of smell, sight and hearing while you are on duty. Inspecting all the areas of the site and keeping a record of the happenings is very important. After you have recorded all the events, the next step is to report them to the department’s seniors.
Detecting crime and misconduct: Every business is exhibited to various kind of perils from its enemies and rivals. Security guards have to undergo tough training to handle and actively respond to crime. The presence of the security guard will deter the criminals from doing something illegal. If somebody is caught on the spot doing something illegal, a security guard can immediately inform the police and behave very sensibly and fearlessly in such circumstances.
Responding to emergencies: Emergencies can happen at any time in the workplace. An emergency is an unexpected event that can cause danger to lives and property. While there is an emergency, the security guard is the first person who can detect and deal with it. Staying alert in this event will help you to make a timely decision and take care of the situation to stop it at that very moment. Every company has its own set of guidelines, and the security guard has to act according to them.
Assisting guests and strangers: When the workplace area is large enough, it isn’t easy to reach the exact location. The role of the security guard is to help the guests who inquire about the workplace and its functioning. It is imperative to be mindful in this process and keep in mind all the threats as people can unknowingly trick you into disclosing the information.
Maintaining order: The security guard’s job is to keep the place organized. They will perform crowd control, keeping people dispersed evenly. They also keep the parking space in order and maintain the order of traffic.

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