Whether it is about maintaining the security of a building, monitoring event or guarding a place through patrolling, security guards play an essential role in securing a place by keeping an eye on the agitators.
Although it is their duty to look after the area, they are told to, yet we have seen many security guards taking their responsibility lightly. This may be the case when you hire security guards without doing proper research or asking questions from them.
However, professional security guard companies hire men and train them to take action in all type of situations. They are trained and certified and can answer all sorts of questions when interrogated. Besides, we always recommend people to hire security guards from professional companies who have experience of more than a decade since they will do nothing wrong to lower their reputation.
It gives you peace of mind and relieves you of stress when you have a strong team of security guards outside your residence or handling your events. So, here are some of the attributes to look for when hiring security services-
1) They are physically fit- A trained and experienced security team can be spotted with the way they look and the way they carry themselves. They exercise regularly and remain with a certain scale range of weight. Keep in mind a trained person in the line of service should be fit enough to portray professionalism. Only a physically fit guard can run and catch thieves, not the stout one. Therefore, before choosing the security guard, look at the way he looks.
2) They are highly alert- Having a healthy fitness routine makes their mind alert. Besides, a good security guard is aware of his surroundings and remains alert to witness suspicious activities. They need to stay focused, especially during the night times when everything is dark. They must know that slightest of distraction can lead to a huge loss.
3) They have excellent communication skills- A proficient security guard must not only be good at using weapons and doing the job correctly, but also, he must possess excellent communication and writing skills to clearly talk about a situation and write each document, describing it thoroughly. Secondly, he should be able to talk with politeness with the residents of a building or the attendees of the event.
4) They know how to monitor every situation- If he sees something suspicious or site burglars, thieves and attackers, he must know how to handle the situation and communicate it to fellow personnel and higher authorities within no time. The way he manages a disrupted situation tells a lot about his risk-factor, experience and the ability to tackle problems.
5) They can serve the client’s needs- A right security guard must be detailed oriented and has high cognitive skills to remember various details to serve clients. Moreover, he should be able to follow the guidelines as per the requirements of the client in the area he is posted in.

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