Elementary, high schools and middle schools are oftentimes closed off campuses that are secured with towering gates and fences plus school administrators implementing strict visitor rules that everyone must follow. In the case of colleges and universities, however, the scenario can be totally different. Some if not most of them are operating in an open campus scenario making it more accessible to the public. This means that it will also be quite difficult to monitor who comes in and out of the place without close security. When this is the case, it will be good to implement the following security control tips for schools with open campuses.
Start by conducting a site assessment
Whether you want to put up automated security measures or you simply want to hire more security guards to help ensure that the campus is safe from the risk of threats, it will be good to conduct a site assessment first. Locate any vulnerable area which will need the implementation of robust security measures. This part of the process will assure that you will be implementing or installing a relevant security measure.
Secure on-site residences and buildings

Access control is very crucial if you have an open campus especially when there are on-site residences and several buildings within it. You can give students and any certified building user their own access control cards to ensure that they are safe at all times. If a student moves out from the campus after finishing his degree or an employee resigns from work to seek greener pasture, it will be important to make sure that the cards are surrendered and reprogrammed for the security of future users.
Implement visitor log-in
Frequent visitors should sign-in with the administration for identification purposes. Guest access cards should be given to individuals who come and visit the campus for whatever purpose. This will make visitors accountable to the person they have to frequently visit and even areas they gain access to. They must return these access cards to the administration to revoke access to any of the areas within the campus after every use.
Install security cameras
One of the things that you need to have when securing an open campus is a security camera that can help monitor any activities or untoward incidents. There are cameras that can be triggered by just one move of any person and can record any event that takes place within the campus. Live access through these cameras is also possible. This will make it easier for you to respond to any emergency later on.
Admin areas should be kept secure at all times
Administrative areas have all the most sensitive information of students and employees. It contains student records and financial information as well as money. These areas should be kept secure at all times especially because they are closed for the night and might be a prey for thieves and anyone who wants to break-in to the place. Reduce security risks in these areas by installing access control systems.
Hire security personnel
An open campus needs more security than schools that are locked from the public most of the time. This is why you will need security personnel who can help you monitor who and what comes in and out of the campus at any given instance. These experts can give you the peace of mind that you need to ensure that every single one inside the campus is secure from untoward events.
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