Security evolution is inevitable. Building management should always be on the lookout for new insights, new security practices and technologies to ensure they are at the forefront. Most savvy building owners know better than to ignore the ever changing market demands.
Reports indicate that commercial tenants place the highest priority on security when looking for office space for rent. This is because of reasons such as creating a safe, secure and accommodating environment for their employees and the nature of tenant’s business such as healthcare facility or a financial institution. Here are top 6 trends that are making headlines in Class A office buildings.
Lesser on-site security personnel
Both technology and economics have played a role in the reduction of the number of security personnel manning Class A office buildings, particularly in off-peak hours. If you look at it from a management and operational angle, it is cost-effective to work with efficient security equipment as compared to security guards. Technology has made it possible to use smart cameras and video analytics to monitor office building activities. It has reduced cases of human error as systems rarely make exceptions or get distracted during operation.
Small footprint control lanes
Space has been at a premium and is likely to be so as population grows. This has mainly directed attention to adaption of turnstiles with narrow lanes to provide security. Manufacturers have actually taken note of this and you can now find entrances that use minimal space. You will find glass turnstiles in Class A office buildings because they offer small footprint. On the other hand, optical turnstiles are becoming less popular.
Heightened security in ground floors
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The level of security is high on ground floors due to factors such as security risk concern and changes in market demand. As reports indicate, more commercial tenants are opting to rent office space in buildings that offer high ground floor security. There is certainly no doubt that Class A office buildings face unprecedented security threats and if the right measures are not taken to guarantee maximum security, things go could wrong if there is any sort of compromise.
As such, you can expect security solutions in Montreal such as screening equipment, visitor monitoring systems, video analytics and effective security back-up systems that not only cater for the entire building but also for the ground floor.
Focus on visuals
Security equipment is now matching the design and structure of Class A office buildings. You can look forward to seeing custom finishes for security features such as camera casings, pedestals and turnstiles. Emphasis on visuals is increasingly gaining popularity as the year progresses.
Detailed security
While more emphasis has been laid on ground floor, trends in Class A office building security show that detailed security covering more than just the ground floor is becoming a norm. For quite some time, security has been centered on the ground floor. This simply means that once anyone gets past ground floor security, they can easily access any floor in the building. Detailed security adaption has seen to it that there are mantraps, turnstiles and other security features on each floor thus minimizing security threats.
Biometric technology
There is also an increase in the use of biometric readers that highlight all the physical traits of a card user thus revealing facial appearance and fingerprint. This provides the highest level of security in Class A office buildings. Due to technology advancement, biometric readers now operate faster and the best part is that they are cost-effective and reliable.
These are some of the top trends that are catching up with commercial buildings, as change in security demands call for effective security solutions. If you are planning to rent office or own a commercial property, this useful insight will help you when making choices concerning office building security.

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