When a security guard is on duty protecting a commercial building, the quality of service they offer is usually determined by how safe and comfortable they are. This is why occupational health and safety measures need to be provided for guards on duty. This is the mandate of the company that you hire the guards from. When guards are suitably protected, and kept safe from the dangers of the job, they are more likely to provide satisfactory services. This is why clients are always advised to hire security guards from firms that pay keen attention to their staff health and safety needs. Some of the health and safety tips suitable for a security guard include:
Wear appropriate clothing 
Security guards usually wear uniforms in order to be easy to identify, but their outfits should be selected based on a lot more than this. Other factors that need to be focused on include how comfortable the material is depending on the climate the guard is working in. For example, a security guard working during the winter should have clothing that keeps them warm, so that they can put all their focus on doing their job rather than keeping warm. The uniforms should not restrict movement, since security guards usually need to make several patrols around the property to make sure that it’s safe.
Have a clear understanding of workplace hazards 
Some security guards work in commercial buildings where hazardous materials are handled on a regular basis. Before deployment to such a facility, the guards need to be given information regarding the nature of the workplace hazards, as well as the effects they can have when one gets into contact with them.
In addition to that, they should also be clear on the set protocols that should be followed in case an individual is exposed to the material. This includes the type of first aid to be done, as well as how to contact the appropriate emergency agencies such as ambulances and bodies that provide services to contain hazardous materials.
Trained on emergency procedures 
There are some emergencies that can affect a commercial building or any other type of building for that matter. These usually include fires and earthquakes. A worst-case scenario is where such an event occurs, and everyone involved panics leading to problems such as stampedes and unnecessary loss of life.
To avert this, the security guards should be briefed on the emergency procedures that should be followed when such events occur. One may also schedule random, unexpected drills several times a year to make sure that they retain this information. In addition to saving their own lives, training the security guards on this can also help in saving other people’s lives as well.
The training provided for security guards who are to offer commercial building security in Montreal should be preferably basic, and designed in such a manner as to increase the chances of minimizing injury and death before professionals come in to handle the matter. It would therefore be wise to select types of training that would be most important for the security guard in that particular setting.
Understand the limits of their abilities
It’s very important for any security guard to know the bounds of their abilities in as far as what they can and cannot do. For instance, if they notice a suspect package left on the premises and they think it’s a bomb, it would be wise for them to call the relevant experts to handle the issue rather than trying to do it themselves. This simply involves making sure that they have a clear job description that they fully understand.

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