There is nothing scary than waking up to a shadowy figure in your bedroom. At this time, a person is not able to think straight and the first instinct is usually to scream or run away. Nobody ever wishes to find themselves in these positions and therefore it is important to educate yourself on how to handle such situations in case they arise. The following are tips on how to deal with an intrusion in your house.

Hide from the intruder

The first thing to do when you notice that you have an intruder in your house is to find a safe place you and your family can hide. You can come up with a safe word as a family where you can alert each other in case of intrusion. For example, you can use the code word “ESCAPE” to let everyone know that danger is lurking and they need to hide.


Come up with a safe place to hide where all of you can run into and lock yourselves in. If you choose one room to be the safe place, stock it with the necessary items to handle emergency cases. Make sure you have a phone in the safe room to contact the security personnel. It is safe to have a weapon in the safe room such as a gun or even a bat. This way in case the intruder comes in you can try to fight him. If you hear the intruder trying to break the safe room door, shout that you have already called the police and they are on their way. This may scare the intruder away.

How to handle the intruder if you can’t hide

There are cases where the intruder may find you unawares and you find yourself face to face with him or her. Check if you can reach your car keys and set off the alarm. This can make the intruder panic and run. If you are not in a position to do anything, it usually helps to cooperate with the intruder.

This gives you a chance to survive before you find an opportunity to defend yourself. If you have a security panic button in your room, press it and wait for a phone call from the security office. You can pre-arrange for a security phrase with the security company to alert them that you are in danger. This helps if the intruder is there with you and you don’t want to alert them of who has called.

How to defend yourself from an intruder

There are times where you will be forced to fight your intruder. Check if the intruder has a weapon in his hands before attacking. If he is holding a gun it is best not to engage him but cross your arms and hold your neck to show the intruder that you are being submissive to him. This position prepares you to attack in case you get a chance to fight.

If the intruder is unarmed, try to hit him as hard as possible on the neck, groin, nose or mouth using your hand. Scan the room for objects that you can turn into weapons like pens and car keys and use them to stab the intruder. If he is standing far from your arms reach, try to kick him as hard as you can on his knees enough to bring him down. Run as fast as you can when you get the chance.

Of course, the above tips may or may not work, depending on your unique situation surrounding the intrusion. If you really want to ensure that you and your family are well protected and that security is tight around you, then precautionary measures are warranted. You can seek advice from a security consultant in Montreal to help you set up a strong security system in your home, so that the chances of you encountering a home intrusion are reduced greatly.

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