The majority of small and medium-sized business owners are known to respond to security alarms within their firms on their own. They mostly do this to try and keep matters within their businesses. There are quite a number of reasons why this might not be a good thing to do such as professional liability, legal considerations, personal safety, and much more. Alarm response and management are critical factors to consider for any business, in particular the privately owned firms. Apart from centralization, handling and installation of alarm systems, there are many risks in taking matters into your own hands when carrying out an alarm response. Without much ado, let’s look at these risks or issues in greater details.

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Professional liability

You might not think about it, but you could be putting yourself in great danger of professional liability if your business is being robbed or is subject to a criminal activity in general. For business owners that find themselves the victims of on-going criminal activity, the resultant damages could be very stressing and costly in all imaginable ways. By deciding to respond to a security alarm on their own, business owners simply make things worse for themselves than they were before. For one, their insurance service provider might not want to deal with them but with a professional security firm that can be able to authenticate their claim, but which regretfully they saw best not to use.

Added responsibilities impacts negatively on a firm’s productivity

As a matter of fact, the last thing a busy business person needs is to be awoken in the wee hours of the night for an alarm response, and then waste several hours trying to put things in order, no matter whether if it is an authentic alarm or otherwise. And if the security alarm is the start of a serious issue, case of theft or safety breach, then issues associated with your firm’s productivity simply get amplified.

Simply put, the added responsibilities have a direct impact on your productivity, and also on your firm’s as it will no longer be functioning as it normally does. The point is, since the responsibility of taking alarm response and private security directly falls into your hands, you will be wasting a lot of time that could otherwise be used to get your business back on its feet and effectively working again.

Personal security safety and health

When you respond to security alarms yourself, you are directly putting yourself in great personal danger since you have no idea what might have triggered it. Most security alarms go off at night when business premises are experiencing low activity levels. While in most cases these are false alarms due to birds or rodents tripping motion sensors, if the your premises is the subject of burglary or theft activity, then you might come into contract with criminals who might end up causing seriously bodily harm to you while trying to escape.

Is it advisable to delegate the responsibility of intruder alarm response to subordinates?

While a majority of business owners like delegating the responsibility of intruder alarm response to junior staff members, this comes with a host of potential issues. For one, the trustworthiness and responsibility of the key handler always poses a problem to authenticate and insure. As such, you will be putting your firm and its assets under great risk, even where the employee with the keys can be trusted.

Getting the assistance of the best security companies in Montreal to handle alarm responses and extras such as key holding services is an excellent solution to issues of handling private security on your own. This way, your firm’s security and your safety are guaranteed.

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