There are many instances where an individual or company might need to provide VIP security to parties such as a visiting dignitary. If you are given this responsibility, it would be wise for you to at least understand the nature of this type of security service. This way, it will be easier for you to determine the best type of security detail to offer them.
One way to approach this is by examining the components of a VIP protection system. There are many elements that might be involved in the provision of such security, including:

A personal security expert

This is what is commonly known as a bodyguard. They are security agents that are usually in very close proximity to the VIP, and ensure that they are not harmed. Usually, high quality bodyguards are trained in such a manner that they can even take a bullet for the individual. In order for the VIP to have the optimal security from the bodyguard, the latter needs to have qualities such as:
• Physical fitness: It is important for a bodyguard to be fit. In case of a security threat, they might be forced to physically exert themselves in order to protect the VIP.
• Arms training: Most of the time, the bodyguards are usually armed. However, simply having the firearm is not enough for them to protect their charges. They also usually have to be very well trained in the use of all types of firearms. One particular skill that bodyguards need to have is accurate shooting.
• Hand to hand combat: There are many times when the bodyguards will be forced to get into physical altercations with threats. This can only be achieved if they are trained in hand to hand combat. The aim of this is to ensure that such altercations are as short and as effective as possible in neutralizing the threat.
• Observational skills: Ideally, the bodyguard needs to spot potential threats and keep an eye of them even as they move around with the VIP. In many cases, they might even need to spot several threats and keep an eye on all of them simultaneously.

Regional security experts

Another group of security experts that might come in handy in the protection of a VIP are what might be known as regional security experts. These are individuals whose main job is examining the environment that the VIP is likely to visit, and then keep it secure. For instance, if one is going to visit a business park, the job of the regional security expert would be to visit the area, identify spots that might pose threats to the VIP and then secure them. They might also be charged with the responsibility of organizing the area so that it’s safer, such as by moving cars that might provide a vantage point for security threats.
In addition to that, such experts might also have a bird’s eye view of the venue that the VIP is likely to spend a lot of time in, checking for any threats.

In-flight security guards

If the VIP is likely to travel by air, they might also consider getting an inflight security guard. The environment inside an airplane is very dynamic and is often very different from other environments. This is why most of the time, a regular bodyguard would not be enough to provide security in such settings. The inflight guards are usually trained to spot security threats by observing the crowd in the plane. They are also usually trained in using firearms that they can operate inflight, but without causing catastrophic damage to the plane’s body.

Family security

There are many times when VIPs prefer traveling with their families. In such cases, it would be important to also get security experts who have specialized in providing security for such groups.
In order to provide adequate VIP security, one often needs a number of people to provide the security services. In order for this to work, a number of conditions need to be satisfied including:
• They all need to be on the same page: All the players in the VIP security team need to act as a team, and have a common strategy in order to achieve their goals. This means that when you are hiring them to provide the service, the best way to do it would be getting them from the same source, and making sure that they work together.
• Proper training: Providing VIP service is something that requires the use of more than one skillset per individual. This can only be achieved through proper training.
• Constant communication: It’s important to set up a communication system to ensure that each of the VIP security providers are in touch with each other.
• Optimal physical state: All the parties providing the security need to be in optimal physical state. Conditions such as illness, fatigue due to working long hours and drug intoxication will all reduce the effectiveness of the individual, and eventually of the entire team.

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