If you have a business, you know that you have to create the best atmosphere for growth and expansion. At a time when competition is stiff, good business practices will help to ensure that you remain profitable. There are several things that you need to do to ensure business success and one of them is ensuring that your business is secure. If you know how important it is to ensure security, you will not cut corners when it comes to investing in the best services. Most experts agree that many businesses are making the big mistake of reducing their security budget.
The economic climate should not be an excuse to cut costs in the area of security as this can actually end up being a very costly decision. Statistics show that burglaries and other criminal acts continue to be on the rise and many business premises are affected in one way or another. Some companies try to cut costs by appointing staff members to deal with security issues. This might seem like a cost effective solution but the fact is that it can raise safety, health, legal and insurance concerns.
• It can lead to business losses
One of the most obvious consequences of reducing security is that the business suffers losses. The losses can be crippling and they can even cause the business to close down. Both external and internal thefts can cost the company millions. Research has shown that while burglaries and other external incidences lead to huge losses; the biggest problem can actually be coming from an internal mishap such as company employees being responsible for theft of money, stock and other company properties. A business that hires professional security services can avoid the huge losses that ultimately affect the company bottom line.
• It raises safety concerns
Companies that appoint specific staff members to be the point of contact in security matters often overlook the safety risks. The fact is that many times these employees, who do not have training in security, end up in potentially dangerous situations. The employees may find themselves facing burglars who are better armed than they are. When you consider that most burglaries occur at night, it means that the employees are working in a highly stressful environment. There have been reports of the lone employee responding to an incident at night ending up in hospital or worse!
• Employee health concerns

Apart from safety, there are health concerns when employees work outside their area of expertise. Businesses that decide to cut corners by reducing or getting rid of security personnel might cause their employees to encounter difficulties as they go about their duties. Some incidents that may seem mundane can have significant consequences. Something as simple as a worker being locked out of the building or locked in a dangerous area can have serious results. Experienced security personnel do more than keep burglars out of the building, they also help to keep those in the building safe.
• Can result in legal problems
All businesses have a legal responsibility to look after their employees and if something was to happen due to lax security, the company can find itself in legal trouble. The business can be liable to penalties and heavy fines occasioned by injury to a staff member trying to respond to a break-in. In most cases, the burglars are armed and this means that the life of the person responding to the incident is in danger. When staff work in stressful situations or outside their normal working hours, the company may be responsible for any accidents or incidents affecting the employees.
• Overtime expenses
The extra cost of paying staff to be available or on call after hours can be an additional expense that is not necessary. Most companies do not realize how much they spend on this extra expense and the fact is that it can be more economical to hire security guards. Staff members who hold the keys or have the alarm codes are required to be at the office before everyone else and when this does not happen, it causes huge inconveniences. Productivity is affected when a senior staff member has to respond to an incident or alarm in the middle of the night and is then expected to carry out a vital task in the morning.
Outsourcing security matters gives the business owner peace of mind. When you leave the issues of security to experts who have the relevant experience, you can reap the benefits 24/7. The external security specialists help to ensure that your property is protected by a team of people who have the training, resources and expertise to respond appropriately to any incident. Reputable security firms often take a proactive approach to security matters by carrying out regular patrols, inspections and reviews. This helps to reduce the risk of break-ins and other incidents.

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