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What Is The Appropriate Time For Home Security System Upgrades?

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Many homeowners get really excited about the installation of a new security system. However, over time, most of them usually end up not using their security systems to the fullest or even worse, failing to maintain and update the systems to ensure that they are working effectively. On that note, you need to encourage your family to make effective use of the home security system. A family that gets into the habit of using the alarm system stays safe. While that is a good thing, it is important to note that the security system can become outdated over time.

Older security systems

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Older security systems are usually vulnerable to malfunctions and may not perform effectively. These systems can be easily disarmed by savvy criminals. They also have exposed wires that can be easily cut. Upgrading your home security system is recommendable because it comes with high-tech features that make your home safer.

Here are indicators that your system needs an upgrade:

Security system is more than a decade old

Most people think that home security system is among the once-in-a-life-time things that people put their investment. Sadly, they are wrong. Home alarm systems are just as good as any other home appliance that becomes less effective over time. That means you have to replace them over time just the same way you would buy a new appliance. Therefore, if your security system is more than a decade old, you may consider upgrading it. Simply get in touch with one of the security companies in Montreal to have your security system assessed and evaluated.

Still using landline security system

Before mobiles were made and wireless systems were introduced, all alarm systems pretty much relied on land lines. They were managed through landlines. The problem with this system is that it involved use of wires that could be easily cut or manipulated otherwise for selfish reasons. However, modern security systems work through cellular transmissions.

Messages are sent or received via a large cellular network. As such, they are not easily corruptible. Therefore, if you are still using a landline security system, you may consider adding cellular security system to your home.

Still depending on 2G technology

Just like the cellphones, alarm systems relying on cellular transmissions previously operated on 2G technology. However, change in technology has seen the introduction of 3G and 4G, which are by far better than 2G. Most early alarm systems were fitted with 2G transmitters, which are incompatible with the modern technology that uses 3G and 4G. You should note that a good number of carriers are already working on clearing off 2G network. This means that any alarm system using 2G technology will be utterly useless once the 2G technology has been completely wiped off. Upgrading your alarm system will allow you to enjoy the perks of 3G and 4G technology.

When you only have a basic alarm system

A basic alarm system is the kind that only offers you basic services such as burglary and fire alert. With numerous risks out there, you would not want your alarm system to only serve two purposes. Modern alarm systems allow you to monitor your home remotely and provide you with features that you can easily access on your mobile device 24/7. By consulting with a security expert, you can learn more about your security system and know the areas that require an upgrade.

A good home security system gives you confidence when you are at home with your family or away attending to business matters. On the other hand, a poor security system leaves you worried and anxious, which is not good at all. By looking out for these four key elements at home, you can tell whether your home security system needs an upgrade. Consulting with a security expert is also an effective way of determining the need to upgrade your security system.

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