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What Are The Main Categories Of The Private Security Officers That Can Be Hired?

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There are two main categories of private security officers that can be hired for whichever your immediate security necessities.  These are the Pro-active and the Observe and report kinds. And within these two main security personnel categories, there are two key sub-categories that consist of In-house and contract security guards. Guards in different security categories have varying payment scales and skill sets that are required for effective duty performance. Here is a summary of what is expected of these security officers in their different categories.

3 Pro-active security officers

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These are the types of security officers who like the normal law enforcement officials can perform duties such as:

• Basic background checks
• Body and other necessary searches
• Check vehicle license plates for stolen cars

The said security guards are mostly armed. And depending on the state or country they are operating in, they are licensed to carry firearms as need be, utilize handcuffs, batons, pepper or mace sprays and the likes.

Pro-active security officers are normally very active in their communities and when on a client site, they often deal with the public directly. As it is, they are good deterrent for criminal activities. Their key duty is to ensure that the potential offender notices their presence and hopefully refrain from engaging in whatever criminal activity he or she intended to engage in. If a potential criminal is not bothered by their presence, as they are normally very well trained and have the necessary tools, they can professionally handle the situation.

Observe and report security service providers

These sorts of security personnel are also generally referred to as guards and they normally always come unarmed. Most of them do not even have the formal training and experience that the proactive security officers typically have. They mostly guard the corporate buildings, factories, residential complexes and the likes. You will mostly find them at the front office, entrance to the buildings, patrolling the places they are guarding on foot.

Furthermore, they perform access control of visitors and employees as is needed by their employers. Monitoring the CCTV system is also a part of their duties. Unfortunately, the majority of these security officers perform their work unarmed; meaning that they can’t effectively protect themselves from any would be assailant if attacked. Most of them only have a flashlight to help protect themselves if need be.

In-house and contract security officers

A contract security officer works for a licensed security agency and is normally hired as a contractor to perform the wanted guarding duty at a client’s location. These sorts of guards are very common these days and are normally fully insured and their employers are fully liable for their wellbeing. On the other hand, in house guards are employed as ordinary security guards and have lower pay scales than a contract security officer as their jobs carry fewer risks.

All in all, regardless of any security officer official category, these people are a real asset to any business organization or even a residential area as they are perfectly able to prevent would be looses from criminal activities for all. And by performing the right research on your security needs, it is possible to get the right sorts of officers for your unique personal protection requirements.

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