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Top Tips On How To Prevent Business Robbery

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After investing a fortune and exerting much effort to make your business profitable, you definitely would not welcome the idea of having robbers sprawling in your area. Remember that a business that is prosperous is a target for crooks. Though it is sometimes unavoidable to fall into the hands of intruders, it is always best to be prepared so that loss and damages can be minimised.

This form of crime is often done in a quick and violent way. Be informed that unlike burglary and theft, robbery is a crime against people because it puts you, your employees and customers in danger. Here are some effective measures for business owners and employees to follow in order to avoid being an easy prey for robbers.

Have sufficient lighting along all entrances

Install and maintain good exterior lighting as this often deters robbers and burglars. Leave the lights on outside the building during the night. Exterior lighting should be able to illuminate dark areas around the building and parking lots whilst interior lights should also be adequate to allow people outside to see who and what is happening inside. Keep the vicinity well-lighted at all times.

Use an alarm system

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Don’t hesitate to purchase high quality alarm systems. These are more costly than regular devices but will be more efficient in giving warnings whenever a forcible entry will occur. To ward off robbers, clearly post a warning on the outside door of the facility. Some establishments opt to install silent alarms as these enable the cops to have a better chance of catching the perpetrators.

Install security cameras

Again, purchase high-end CCTV cameras as these can function better. Opt for wide-angled cameras and install them in every door, and near the cash register. It is also suggested to have one where documents and other equipment are stored. Remember that security cameras do not only serve as a robbery prevention tactic, but it also helps in identifying the robber after the crime has been committed.

Control access to the building

This can be done by keeping all doors locked except the main entrance. Tell employees to enter the business premises through the main gate all the time. Have a master key or a keyless system wherein you have the flexibility to change passwords as often as you want. This also allows you to restrict people in certain areas of the building. Having this kind of key system prevents unauthorized personnel from having your keys duplicated.

Use drop mechanism

Having a lot of bills in your safe is not recommended. It is therefore suggested to use a cash control method and one way to do this is by using a safe with a drop mechanism that allows you to make regular drops during the day. This will enable you to get bills on a timed basis so as to prevent bills accumulation. Leaving 50 to a hundred dollars only in your cash register is a clever idea. Avoid flashing your cash.

Make regular deposits

Money should be deposited in the bank as often as possible better yet never less than daily. Deposit cash on a regular basis by utilising an armoured vehicle. Take a different route each time you make your bank trips and bring a trusted person with you.

Be wary all the time

Be watchful of suspicious looking customers who standby within the business premises for a long time. Observe customers who pretend to be reading magazines for long durations. Monitor parked vehicles that stay unreasonably long near your business area. If this happens, notify the cops immediately. It will also be best if you use the help of security companies in Montreal.

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