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The Value and Importance of Professional Security Guard Training

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A duffle bag was left in the open parking lot late in the afternoon. This bag was ignored by the security guards posted near the gate because they thought a customer might have just left his belongings and will come back for it sooner or later. Early that evening, an explosion was heard in the open parking lot. It turned that the plain duffle bag was not that simple after all. Investigators and bomb experts found out that the bag contained IEDs or improvised explosives device and it was remotely triggered. The motive for the bombing was not immediately known but the trauma it had caused to the employees was felt right away. The experience of the people around the vicinity especially the customers would haunt them beyond that evening.

The damage it has done to the company was immeasurable. The physical damage it caused is the insurance’s problems but the damage to the company’s reputation is something the owner and the CEO would have to solve. This could have all been prevented had the security guards been trained how to act in this type of situation. The explosion could have been pre-empted if they had called off the authorities early on when they saw the bag. Further inquiry revealed the security guards that day were not professionally trained and were performing their jobs by maintaining the “routine.”

Security guards are the sentinels in our company. They are the enforcers of policies and laws inside the companies. They are the key elements of peacekeeping inside company premises. They prevent thet, and other crimes from happening to your business.

However, poorly trained security guard is only another warm body occupying space in your office. Security guards that are ill-equipped and are lax in the proper ways of safety, security and situational awareness are detrimental to the .success of your company. Our sentries and guards that are patrolling the premises of our building needs to be properly acquainted with their surroundings and well versed in the art of self defense, building security, and urban warfare. It is very important that security officers and security guards alike undergo a professional training before and during their stint as guardians of your company.

The value and importance of security guards is a must for every company. Professional training provides the security personnel with the right knowledge, skills, and instincts essential to the company’s safety and survival. In today’s modern world, security guards needs to be a cut above the rest. They need to be trained a little more higher than your average mall cop.

Security guards need to know basic ammunition characteristics, gun handling, shooting, and self defense. Other than this skills, they must be trained to react to every situation that poses a threat to the safety of the employees and customers of the company. The aforementioned tragedy could have been prevented had the security guards notified the proper authority of a suspicious looking bag. To a professionally trained security guards, simple things that seem innocent to the untrained eye will always be suspicious and a reason for more precautionary measures. Security guards provide our daily protection while inside the company premises. If we are to entrust them the safety of our life and limb, they need to be professionally and regularly trained as well as properly equipped.

Our company guarantees that once your security personnel enters our “boot camp,” they will come out as professionals with the right set of expertise. We will turn them into the professionals they need to be. We will train them to become sentinels in your business that can ensure the safety and security of your business. Their proficiency and your safety is our commitment.

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