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An Unparalleled  Suite of Security Services IGS Security Services are focused on protecting people and property, thereby making our customers feel safe. Our training program ensures our security guards have the skills and confidence to fully comply with your contracted service requirements.

Security Services Montreal

We take the time to get to know our customers and their unique challenges. Working together with you IGS Security professionals will provide you with a consistent, reliable and high-quality end-to-end security solution.

Hire Security Company Montreal

We supply a full range of security services including: Professional licensed security agents or guards

  • Uniformed guards
  • Infiltration or undercover agents

Concierge security services Patrols

  • Vehicle
  • Foot patrol

Alarm response Executive or V.I.P. protection

  • Bodyguards
  • Close protection
  • Unobtrusive distant protection

Special Events

  • Access Control
  • Crowd control
  • Traffic Control

Security systems installation Security Guard Tracking Security consulting

  • Safety Assessment
  • Threat Assessment

Security Training

  • Agent
  • Supervisor
  • Patrol