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ISG Security Now Provides Operations and Management Consulting and Operations and Management Manuals

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IGS Security announces a new service for property managers. The quality of our experience will provide property managers and building owners the operations and management expertise they need to achieve their strategic growth plans aimed at maximizing value and reducing operations costs through customized operations and management (policy and procedure) manuals.  Property owners and managers can choose from an a la carte menu of O&M manual development from janitorial to security services. This  range of services allows a property owner and manager the opportunity to pick and choose what he wants. Operational excellence is a critical driver for success and should be a key part of property management strategy. Using a standard approach to systematically identify and close performance gaps, property managers and building owners can continually improve the performance of their janitorial, custodial, maintenance and security operations.  Being an integral part of any facility management philosophy, an IGS Security developed O&M manual provides you with a means to assure productivity and reduce operating costs through a comprehensive maintenance and security program. We understand complex buildings from the ground up and what it takes to operate them. The IGS developed O&M manual provides the details to enable your workforce to develop the skills and knowledge to perform their jobs competently. It is becoming more common for detailed, modular, building block style facility-specific O&M manuals to be prepared for property managers. Our expertise reflects decades of experience by our experienced multi-functional teams and our list of long standing customers is testimony to our commitment to excellence. Our clients know they can rely on us to keep their buildings & properties operating smoothly, continuously and at maximum efficiency.

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