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Alarm Response Event Security

Alarm Response Alarm Response Alarm Response  Event Security IGS Security offers an alarm response service. Upon being contacted by your alarm monitoring company, an IGS patroller will go to your location and ascertain the nature of the emergency and deal with it accordingly. If the emergency requires the attention of the police, the patroller contacts them and meets them at the site. False alarms cost your business. Police and fire departments often charge escalating fees for responding to false alarms. In addition, police forces across the country have set a limit of false alarms after which they will no longer respond to your alarm call. Our alarm response program eliminates the cost of false alarms and ensures that police respond when absolutely necessary. Our alarm response is also quicker than that of the police. After half an hour of being on site, if your emergency requires a further security presence, the patroller will replace himself with a uniformed security agent, saving you money but still providing you with protection from looters or trespassers who may injure themselves on your property and sue subsequently.  

Event Security  EVENTGUARDS Alarm Response  Event SecurityWith over 20 years of field proven experience IGS Security prides itself on providing a consistently professional approach and with thorough planning that ensures absolute security while remaining discrete and aware of the client’s needs at all times. We work closely with the client at the planning stage to ensure security provides effective deterence, protection and prevention. IGS Security Services brings a multi-layered approach for event security to protect the guest, property, and the venue. Security can be provided for conferences, conventions, private parties, outdoor/indoor events and gatherings, school functions, family functions, art exhibit, movie or video location, VIP escort and much more.  We will ensure the property of your guests is safe guarded from vandalism and theft or provide protection to people, property and equipment. Our Event Security Experts have years of proven experience in hundreds of special events. From Political high risk settings to private VIP venues, our experts have proven themselves countless times. Through a detailed consultation with our event security experts we can identify, assess and execute a plan to secure your event in an efficient, professional and cost effective manner. Our Event Services Include: Event Security Planning – Anti-piracy security for pre-release movie screenings establish an anti-piracy program and deploy discreet and professional security teams to curtail illegal recordings at movie screenings – Uniformed Security Guard Force – VIP – Executive Protection / corporate events and functions -Undercover Agent Interaction – Liaison with Police – First Aid & CPR Certified Respondents – Crowd Management – Mobile Security Marked Vehicle Assistance – Video & Hidden Camera System Surveillance – Detection & Prevention, Electronic Surveillance – Access Control – Public & Private Venue Security Setup – Event Full Location Sweep – Tickets & Collection – Theft Prevention Procedures – Conflict Resolution & Intervention – Incident Evacuation (Fire, Bomb Threat) – Security Protocol & Asset Protection and much more. Download our Event Security Services offerings information here IGS SECURITY EVENT SERVICES