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Since 1991 I.G.S. Security has offered the professional security services that have made more than six hundred clients feel safe, secure and satisfied. With services from Alarm Response to Counter-Surveillance and V.I.P. Protection, both corporate Montreal and private individuals, as well as dignitaries, celebrities, government agencies, and top law-enforcement agencies from all corners of the globe have come to trust the I.G.S. name and what it stands for.


The I.G.S History

IGS Security Inc. was founded by president Jacob Haimovici, C.A., and executive vice-president Isaac Bettan, B.A. (ECN), in February 1991. Having met while working as security officers for various airlines, the two men developed a close working relationship which they decided to continue by starting their own private security company. In the beginning, both men used their unique experience to provide VIP and special events protection. As time went on they found that their type of in-depth security training and innovative techniques were easily integrated to real estate properties such as office towers, condominiums, shopping centres, hospitals and banks.

Over the last two decades, we have seen an ever-increasing threat to the physical and financial well being of both public and business institutions, their employees and customers. Despite the fact that political, commercial and criminal threats are becoming increasingly menacing and sophisticated, it is an unfortunate fact that most organizations will tend either to ignore the problems altogether or to maintain security systems based on yesterday’s methods and unsuitable to handle tomorrow’s threats.