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Why You Should Hire Trained Security Guards To Operate Metal Detectors

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Some companies and educational institutions have installed metal detectors at their entrances, screening incoming human traffic for contraband and weapons as they arrive. Investing in metal detectors at places of work and in school is important to ensure everyone’s safety. These metal detectors need security personnel to man the entrance in order for them to be effective.

Before installing a metal detector in your establishment, it is important that you talk to one of the security companies in Montreal to help you pick the right equipment that will suit your needs. You also need to hire professional security guards who are experienced in operating metal detectors.

Why should you hire professionals when you want to use metal detectors which are programmed to detect contrabands and weapons?

Trained professionals

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Not just anyone can operate metal detectors. Security guards undergo through special training to help them operate metal detectors with simplicity and ease. A metal detector is just programmed to detect weapons and contrabands, but they need to be manually supervised.

Guards are on standby in case of machine failure

Metal detectors, just like any other machines, do break down from time to time. In an incident where a metal detector suddenly stops working, security guards take over by doing physical inspections of everyone going through an entrance. Guards are trained to pat down everyone coming in and check their bags for any suspicious items.

Metal detectors cannot read body language

Trained security guards have been trained to carefully examine everyone going through an entrance for suspicious behavior. Research shows that people with bad intentions have a certain body language that only experienced security personnel can detect. It is possible for an individual to successfully pass through a metal detector, but if their body language is wanting, security guards ask them to step aside for further and thorough inspection. For example, at airports, a passenger can be asked to step aside by a security guard if they are convinced that something is not right. The passenger will be taken into a private room where they may be asked to strip their clothes or questioned further about their presence in the airport.

To welcome visitors

The presence of metal detectors can be intimidating to some people. Keeping everyone safe and secure is a serious job. However, guards have been trained to be receptive and friendly towards visitors coming through the metal detectors in order to make them comfortable. Hiring unprofessional security guards to operate metal detectors can send the wrong vibes to people coming in and it can affect business negatively. A professional security guard is trained on how to handle different conversations and to be calm.

Arrest suspects

In cases where metal detectors do pick on dangerous weapons, trained guards are well prepared to handle the situation if it gets out of hand. These guards are equipped with guns and other weapons to ensure that they are able to apprehend suspects and bring them into custody. Before the law enforcement officers arrive, security guards are in charge of assessing whether the suspect is dangerous or not. They have been trained on how to handle different dangerous situations therefore save a situation before it gets worse.

What should you look for in a security company?

  • Experience: A good security firm should have ample experience in order to guarantee total security and safety. Before private security firms can operate, they are vetted by government security agencies to ensure that they are well equipped to train their guards.
  • Licensed: Security companies need to be licensed before they can operate. Find out if the firm is genuine and if it has been registered and licensed to operate.
  • Insured:  All private security firms are required to be heavily insured. The firms have liability to anything that happens under their tenure in case of a lawsuit.

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