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Safety Tips for Security Guards on Patrol

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A security guard must not only have essential strategies but they also need to be present in apt costume to ensure the safety of a particular area or premise. They have a lot of duties such as walking the perimeter or keeping in touch with the supervisor. There is hardly any free state of mind. The job of a security guard differs from place to place, the security at parking lot will be very different than that of a construction area. Patroling techniques at home will be different from commercial complexes. However, one thing that is common is that everyone needs a skilled guard with top patrolling skills. A good security guard service provider will always make sure to supply you with security guards that have the proper skill set to make sure your property is fully protected.

Nevertheless, there are a few safety tips for security guards as well that can help them to be the best versions of themselves and they are as follows:


Security guards may have a regular security routine, but things can go for a toss anytime. It is sensible to always protect guards from the worst possible scenario, this can be done by providing them with the latest and working defensive gears. If they are allowed to carry firearms then make sure that they keep them safe. In case they are not allowed to keep any then handover some alternative important tools like flashlight, radio or a pepper spray.


You may think that there is no correlation between safety and clothing but if guards are well-dressed then it enhances their security performance. For example, the right shoes can ensure the security guard to walk, run and do various kinds of physical activities, but if the shoes are not comfortable then the guard may slip and get injured. Hence, it is crucial to provide them with proper uniforms so that nothing restricts their movement. If they are not comfortable in their clothes then it would put them at a disadvantage during an altercation.


A security guard who is intelligent will always keep a safe distance from his suspect. It is wise to keep one arm distance as it will equip the security guard to react in case a suspect was to try and attack.


Corners are basically the element of surprise, security guards must walk in a quick or a tight fashion around corners as it will allow them the opportunity to hide. One should walk around the corner wide as it eliminates people’s ability to spring out from the other side and cause harm. A security guard may also use a flashlight to check the corners.


Patroling is not an easy job, one has to stay alert all the time. Often times patrolling becomes a dull event, to make sure it doesn’t, ask security guards to stay watchful, to stop, look and listen to their surroundings clearly. This will enable them to listen to details carefully and also help recognize bad actors who are sneaking around the premises.

You should always protect your guards the way they protect you and others.


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