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Ultimate Guide to Hire Security Consultant for Your Business

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If you run a business, then the security of your commercial property has to be your topmost concern which is why hiring a security consultant is important. The professional will study and analyze the security requirements of your business and will then make the plan that makes your property a safe place.


But, with several security professionals committing to provide the best services, you may find it challenging to choose the best consultant. To make the selection process easier for you, we have jotted helpful tips below.


Ask for references/ search online – Initiate your security consultant hunt by taking references from people you know have hired a security team for their business in past. They can give you a better suggestion because of their experience. However, if you can’t get any reference, then make use of the internet. Search for the security consultation companies online and shortlist highly rated ones.


Read online reviews – Reviews will help you in knowing what opinion do past clients hold about the services of the security professionals. So, make sure to get some time from your busy schedule and read all the reviews. Try hiring the expert with all the positive reviews. In case, if you cannot find such professional, then hire the one with the least negative reviews.


Check experience – When it comes to hiring a security consultant, experience matters a lot. Throughout his/her professional life, an experienced person has learnt how to make security plans for businesses. They have worked for several clients in the past, and for this reason, they can efficiently make a plan for you. So, it definitely makes sense to hire a highly experienced person.


Check license and insurance – The two most important certificates that security consultants must possess are license and insurance. License signifies that the security consultant has gone through training and is permitted by the state authorities to work as a professional security consultant. So, you can rely on a licensed professional. Further, if the security consultant team is insured, then you will not be liable for any mishap as insurance will provide the coverage.


Check their evaluation, planning and implementation strategy – While consulting look at the way they evaluate, plan and implement the security. Their plans must sound feasible, and they must work in a systematic manner to make the place secure.


Take a list of references – By doing so, you will get to know whether the previous clients were happy with the security services or not. If the consultant denies providing the list, don’t hire him.


Ask about consultation fees – It is crucial to learn whether the company is in your budget or not. So, collect cost estimates from different security consultants and hire the one who is affordable yet best.


Once you have shortlisted the security consultants using the above-given tips, deciding on whom to hire will become a lot more easier for you. Moreover, you will end up hiring the best consultant.

Five Steps to Ensure Security at Your Workplace

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There wasn’t ever an insecure time the way we experience today. Today, every single individual feels threatened by someone or something and wants a full-proof shield against it. And, while that can be somehow achieved for your residential premises, the situations become highly complex at a workplace. With people from different backgrounds coming together and strangers visiting the office, keeping the workplace safe is indeed daunting.

However, the difficulty level of the task gives no excuse to be careless and allow a criminal to breach the physical and virtual security of your company. Understand that securing your office building and surroundings is not just critical to keeping your employees and customers safe but also to save the monetary efforts you put in your business through so many years.

As per the latest report, violent crimes such as vandalism, theft, etc. cost Canadian companies billions of dollars a year. And, if you don’t want your organization or workplace to be a part of that list, you need to work sensibly to keep your surroundings secure. If you are not sure where to start, take reference of the below-mentioned tips –

  1. Enforce Strict Policies

As a business owner, it becomes your responsibility to establish the importance of workplace security. Auditing your current security policies, identifying any gaps, and doing the necessary changes are some of the very important things you need to look into frequently. Also, you must do a background check on all and provide your team with security awareness training so that everyone is vigilant for the malicious activities around.

  1. Limit Access Control

A company’s corporate office is open for everyone to visit, but that doesn’t imply that anyone just barges in. At the backend, there can be some very sensitive discussions happening and data worth millions of dollars on the tables. So, to prevent any breach, it is best to have an access control system installed. That way, only these people can gain access into the rooms and systems that are supposed to, no one else.

  1. Introduce ID Badges

Identity cards with photographs are a great way for security guards to verify that they are dealing with a genuine person. You can link the ID badges to your electronic locks at entrance terminal and generate proper records of whosoever signs in and out. Thus, you know who visits your building and maintain proper safety for your employees.

  1. Install Surveillance System

By having an exhibited security system such as CCTV and central monitoring, you can prevent the malicious intended people from fulfilling their motives. Camera control becomes an immediate deterrent for wrongdoers and catches them red-handed. So, make sure you place CCTVs in parking lots and corridors outside the main office space.

  1. Hire Well-Trained Security Personnel

If you operate from a large building, alarm and CCTV systems won’t be just enough. You need vigilant security officers on their feet 24×7 outside your premises to act as your first line of defence. They examine your entry and exit areas and all other open points that make an easy way for criminals to break in. Their keen eye on activities around helps you deal with violent incidents and escalate any conflicts to the police authorities immediately.

How to Ensure Security at Corporate Event?

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If you are assigned the duty of organizing a corporate event, then remember never to overlook its security. Making an event secure is the most crucial thing to ensure that all the guests stay safe, and no trouble occurs during the event. Specially, when it is a corporate event, chances of unlawful activities and crimes is more which makes it imperative to pay attention to the security of the event. Moreover, if you are an organizer of the corporate event, then keeping employees, clients and colleagues safe should be your top most concern.


Now, as you know that security is an indispensable part of a corporate event, let us discuss how to make it secure.


Hire security guards – Security guards are specially trained professionals who know how to handle unwanted situations and emergencies efficiently and instantly. If they suspect that something is not right, they go to the depth of the matter to ensure security at your corporate event. Their team members stay attentive and have all the necessary equipment to stay in touch all the times. They check the guest list at the entry and make sure that no uninvited guest enters your party. Also, they will make sure that CCTV surveillance systems are installed correctly at the right location to cover your event.


However, you can only enjoy the benefits of hiring security guards if you do a thorough research while selecting them. Reading online reviews, checking the presence of license and insurance, asking about the experience, talking to past clients, checking the cost of the security services and reputation of the company are a few important things that you should not forget when searching for the best security team.


Don’t forget to include the security team in your plans – While planning the event, try staying in touch with the security team. Make sure to cross-check that your plans for the event will not create hindrance in their job. Moreover, if they suggest something related to the security of the event never overlook it. Remember, they are professionals for a reason, and no plan can work effectively as theirs.


Determine the security needs of the venue – Different venues require different security measures. The security demands of events happening indoors will vary from the ones happening outside. It will be extremely advantageous if you choose your security team long before selecting the venue as they will guide you about the security needs of different venues. Ultimately, their suggestion will prove to help in making your corporate event successful.


Plan for medical emergencies – Security also means providing medical help to the guests attending the event. Form a plan with the medical staff about how to handle medical emergency efficiently. If God forbade something unfortunate happens, your medical team would react instantly to treat the sufferer. Moreover, knowing that you have arranged medical emergency at the corporate event, your clients will be impressed by the arrangements and will feel safe.


Six Benefits of Hiring Patrolling Guards for Your Retail Shop

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We all have seen different masses of individuals across retail stores and malls. There are people roaming around, and then there are customers who are there to make purchases. With such high foot traffic, the distinction between good intentions and bad ones can get pretty challenging. That is why irrespective of what scale your business is operating, you need to hire a security guard service in addition to your existing security system for extra protection and to safeguard against all threats and violent behaviors.

If you are running a retail shop or thinking to open one soon, here is how having security services on the fence would benefit you –

  1. Watch Over Suspicious Activities

Professional security guards are supposed to protect your facility by keeping a keen eye on everything going around the shop. Their gut instinct is unlike the usual people and they can detect any assault or vandalism way before it actually happens. Besides, they provide great help to law enforcement agencies to solve crimes that already happened on the premises.

  1. Mitigate Risks

The mere presence of a security guard is a warning to the potential shoplifters, assaulters, and other criminals. They know they would quickly come into limelight and get easily caught if they try to do something malicious. Hence, you get to prevent the crime from happening altogether and protect your retail facility from any such nuisance.

  1. Quick Emergency Response

Security guards are your business’ first line of defense. They ensure that there is no unlawful invasion at your store. But, if unfortunately, any mishap or emergency arises, they do have the desired training and skill to respond and handle the situations better than anyone else. This is especially so when your store is located in a secluded area and local police would take some time to show up.

  1. Better Understanding of the Law

By hiring a security company where the team understands the law, you can rest assured that there are going to be no problems while tackling unexpected circumstances. Experienced guards would have proper know-how of the law and an in-depth understanding as to how it works in the context of their jobs. They would not do anything that they are unsure of or something that can have negative consequences for your protection.

  1. Improved Customer Service

With the security team patrolling your store 24×7, they become a crucial part of your retail business. Customers feel safe and can look up to the officers for assistance if required. They can also have the security guards escort them to their vehicles in the parking during late nights and have a comfortable experience overall, raising your store’s reputation.

  1. Sense of Full-Proof Security

Your security systems may be the smartest thing you planned, but they cannot physically protect human lives during violent situations. For that, you need security officers who can be your armor in a wide range of scenarios and help you deescalate tense situations in no time. You can surely enjoy great peace of mind by having them on board.