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How To Secure Parking Lots in A Commercial Building

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Commercial buildings usually have parking facilities for the individuals working in them. To give them peace of mind, the relevant steps often need to be taken to ensure that the vehicles will be safe. Reducing the risk of theft or vandalism requires one to think about some of the potential ways in which the above can be done, and then putting in place measures to curb them. Typically, this does not need to cost as much as most people think it will. There are several critical aspects of ensuring that a parking lot in a commercial building is safe. These include:

Limited access 

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Limiting parking access to only the people who work in the building is one way of enhancing safety, as well as ensuring that the parking will be enough for all the employees. Limiting access to the parking lot can be done in a number of ways, the most common of which is giving staff members stickers that they put on their car windshields to show that they have the right to park there. If the company provides name tags, these can also be used in the same manner as well. Limiting access to a parking lot in a commercial building will ensure that parties intending to vandalize or steal the vehicles will have a much lower chance of doing so. In most cases, you will need a security guard to enforce this policy.

Regular patrols 

Though they might seem to be a waste of time, patrols by security guards are actually very good methods of enforcing security in a commercial building and its parking lot. However, such patrols should not involve just walking around. They should be done with the objective of making sure that all the parked cars are not tampered with.

Patrols can also be used to identify individuals who have the potential to steal or vandalize cars, and then stop them before they do so. As you can see, such a patrol is a focused one and has clear objectives that need to be fulfilled. You will need to get such security patrol services in Montreal from companies that have a good reputation, and which invest in training their security guards to the highest levels.

Car movement control 

An important element of securing parking lots in a commercial building involves controlling the movement of cars into and out of the parking lot. This provides an opportunity for one to identify the driver, and ascertain that they are the actual owners of the vehicle, rather than someone who simply stole the car. Some of the control measures that are common in these settings include bollards and automated gates, which allow cars to pass one by one. This is particularly important if other checks have to be done depending on the company’s policies.

Limiting the entry and exit points 

During parking lot design, one should limit the number of entry and exit points if they are to keep it safe. This way, any car that is driven out of the parking lot will be forced to use a particular exit, which in turn makes it easier for any security guard to check for any suspicious activity in case the car is stolen.

Limiting the entry and exit points from the parking lot should be done while keeping in mind the fact that it can lead to traffic congestion. To avoid this, the entry and exit points should be designed with the expected traffic volume in mind. For instance, in the case of a very large parking lot with many cars, it would be wise to install more than one manned entry and exit point, so as to ensure that more cars can move in and out of the parking lot in a given time.

What Security Guards Look Out For When They Are On Patrol

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At first glance, security guards that are patrolling an area seem to be doing little. However, trained security guards usually have good reasons as to why they do such rounds. There are specific things that they often look out for during a patrol. Some of these include:

Checking all entrances and exits 

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When guarding a building, security guards have to constantly check the state of any doors to the premises. Those that lead to more sensitive parts of the building usually receive more attention than the rest. Rather than simply looking at the door and figuring out if it’s open or not, well-trained security guards often go the extra step to check the lock and handle for signs of tampering. This could indicate that an individual tried to gain access to the building through this door, and would call for further investigation and probably put in place more security features to deter this.

Looking out for suspicious objects 

In current times, the threat of terrorist attacks is very real in virtually all parts of the world. Having a trained security guard is an advantage when it comes to preempting such a strike. During their patrols, these security guards also look out for objects that are out of place, such as bags, briefcases and other objects which could potentially be harmful. If the item is very suspicious, they have the mandate to have the item examined by a professional body, such as a bomb squad. Regular thorough patrols can therefore thwart these incidents.

Taking note of people with odd behavior

In addition to inanimate objects, Montreal security guards with adequate training are also usually taught on how to identify and deal with individuals who might pose a security threat to what the guards are protecting. To do this effectively, the security guard would need to look out for specific behavior such as hanging around the same place for too long without seeming to have any business there. They may also have a shifty look about them. Basically, this boils down to having skill in reading body language in order to identify individuals who potentially pose a security risk to the facility.

Reading body language is not an innate skill, which is why the guards need to be trained to know what to look out for. This is also the reason why one is encouraged to hire trained guards when securing any facility.

Spotting ongoing crimes and stopping them

It is during a regular patrol that a security guard will have the highest chances of spotting an ongoing crime. In the case of a building, for instance, any would-be intruder would choose an entry point that is far away from the guard’s station so as not to be seen. However, if the guards are mobile, then they are more likely to be caught in the act, leading to a higher chance of stopping the crime and apprehending the suspects.

Providing help to individuals who might need it 

During the patrol, the guard might come across individuals who are lost or need some other type of help. In a building, for instance, a lost client could easily find themselves in an area of the building where they are not supposed to be, such as the server room. When a guard is on patrol, they are likely to come into contact with lost people and then guide them on how to get to where they need to go.

These are just a few of the many things that security guards look out for when on patrol. A security guard can only achieve this if he or she is trained properly, and therefore know what to look out for.

Health And Safety Tips For Security Guards On Duty

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When a security guard is on duty protecting a commercial building, the quality of service they offer is usually determined by how safe and comfortable they are. This is why occupational health and safety measures need to be provided for guards on duty. This is the mandate of the company that you hire the guards from. When guards are suitably protected, and kept safe from the dangers of the job, they are more likely to provide satisfactory services. This is why clients are always advised to hire security guards from firms that pay keen attention to their staff health and safety needs. Some of the health and safety tips suitable for a security guard include:

Wear appropriate clothing 

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Security guards usually wear uniforms in order to be easy to identify, but their outfits should be selected based on a lot more than this. Other factors that need to be focused on include how comfortable the material is depending on the climate the guard is working in. For example, a security guard working during the winter should have clothing that keeps them warm, so that they can put all their focus on doing their job rather than keeping warm. The uniforms should not restrict movement, since security guards usually need to make several patrols around the property to make sure that it’s safe.

Have a clear understanding of workplace hazards 

Some security guards work in commercial buildings where hazardous materials are handled on a regular basis. Before deployment to such a facility, the guards need to be given information regarding the nature of the workplace hazards, as well as the effects they can have when one gets into contact with them.

In addition to that, they should also be clear on the set protocols that should be followed in case an individual is exposed to the material. This includes the type of first aid to be done, as well as how to contact the appropriate emergency agencies such as ambulances and bodies that provide services to contain hazardous materials.

Trained on emergency procedures 

There are some emergencies that can affect a commercial building or any other type of building for that matter. These usually include fires and earthquakes. A worst-case scenario is where such an event occurs, and everyone involved panics leading to problems such as stampedes and unnecessary loss of life.

To avert this, the security guards should be briefed on the emergency procedures that should be followed when such events occur. One may also schedule random, unexpected drills several times a year to make sure that they retain this information. In addition to saving their own lives, training the security guards on this can also help in saving other people’s lives as well.

The training provided for security guards who are to offer commercial building security in Montreal should be preferably basic, and designed in such a manner as to increase the chances of minimizing injury and death before professionals come in to handle the matter. It would therefore be wise to select types of training that would be most important for the security guard in that particular setting.

Understand the limits of their abilities

It’s very important for any security guard to know the bounds of their abilities in as far as what they can and cannot do. For instance, if they notice a suspect package left on the premises and they think it’s a bomb, it would be wise for them to call the relevant experts to handle the issue rather than trying to do it themselves. This simply involves making sure that they have a clear job description that they fully understand.