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Why Should A Shopping Mall Consider Hiring Trained Uniformed Security Guards?

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All kinds of unwelcome incidents, some violet and others not, regularly happen at shopping malls around the country. The violent types of incidents have constantly hit the headlines in recent years. And because it isn’t practicable for shopping malls to have their own police force, their managements have opted for uniformed security guards to guarantee the security of their shoppers. These highly trained guards effectively perform the same functions as uniformed police.

Here are some reasons why a shopping mall should consider having its own force of properly trained uniformed security guards.

For good public relations

Having a force of veteran security guards around the shopping mall and that know what they are doing is good public relations. When shoppers see uniformed security guards around the mall, they feel more secure. A secure shopping mall is really attractive to the shoppers, something that means more profit for the owners. And because the shoppers feel that the mall management is making efforts to keep them safer, they and their friends always come back for more shopping. Having personable uniformed guards in a shopping mall has a positive effect on the premises’ image where the shoppers are concerned.

To act a visual deterrent

Uniformed security guards are a good visual deterrent for would be trouble makers. The sight of uniformed security guards is an effective way of deterring trouble in a place as potential trouble makers are forced to think twice before executing their plans.

Uniformed guards double as safety officers

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A uniformed security guard enforces all the rules set by the management of a shopping mall. If for example a mall has a “No Pets Allowed” policy, it is the duty of the security guards to enforce the rule. The impact of a uniformed guard asking a patron who brings a pet into the shopping mall is much greater than if done by a person in plain clothes. Simply put, people will notice and do exactly what they are told by uniformed guards in a shopping mall compared to when the same request is by a person in plain clothes. Enforcement of mall closing or opening rules is better handled by uniformed security guards than by plain-clothed people.

A security guard can be a good witness

In case of a mishap in the shopping mall, a security guard can act as a good and reliable witness in a court of law. In fact, most states require security guards to be licensed before being employed in this capacity. While in their training, uniformed security guards are taught about laws that pertain to crimes such as what constitutes assault, burglary and many others they might come across in the course of their duties. This ensures that incidents such as false arrests are avoided in a shopping mall. They also ensure that proper witnessing standards are followed when such incidents do occur.

They offer a good return on your investment

Quite a number of insurance service providers offer huge savings on their premiums for malls that have full-time uniformed security guards on duty. Investing in properly trained uniformed security guards guarantees security for all people that come in the premises for any number of different reasons. This assures a better bottom line for the mall owners as people are more comfortable coming in a mall that has uniformed guards around.

They are more reliable in their duties

Compared to plain-clothed guards, uniformed security guards are more reliable in their duties. They also adhere to a set work schedule guaranteeing consistent performance in their duties. In fact, these types of guards are more mature professionally compared to those that don’t wear uniforms. In most cases, these guards have gone through the right type of training, with some having been former policemen or retired military personnel. These people are thrilled to replicate their training in their work places.

Uniformed guards are more motivated in their duties

The today’s technologically driven workplace requires people who are self disciplined in their work. It requires employees that can be able to respect all rules set by the employers and not those who will spend all their time online chatting with friends. Uniformed security guards are trained to work toward efficiency and productivity. They are also trained to ask for guidance when needed and exercise self-discipline in a professional setting. Compared to plain-clothed people, they are more motivated in their duties around the shopping mall.

They have comprehensive communication skills

Properly trained uniformed guards not only have a proper understanding of a workplace diversity, they also have good communication skills. Most of these people, particularly those with a military training and work background, also speak more than one language as they have extensively travelled around the country or the world for that matter. This means that they understand the nuances of national and international communication making them better at their jobs.

All in all, uniformed security guards have most of the desirable attributes that all shopping mall owners or management go seeking for in their search for top notch talent for the coveted positions of securing their premises.

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