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What Should You Include In Your Commercial Security Checklist?

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Burglary and theft are a big issue in the commercial world. After having invested a huge amount in a business, keeping it safe and secure is a top priority. After following basic security and safety measures, you can never be complacent on this matter as criminals are also updated on how to decode even the most expensive security locks. Have in mind that advanced technology is not limited to straight individuals.

Being in a fast-paced community with a prospering business establishment, you may wonder how you can protect your property, manpower, data and other business related resources. It is important that the building is free from danger including people who are in it. Safe storage of company information must also be ensured. Besides all these, you should also include the following in your commercial security checklist.

Hire a security professional

Before designing a security system for your building, hire a professional to study possible risks to your assets. Physical and electronic measures should be integrated to achieve maximum benefit. Security assessments should be conducted on a regular basis. A monthly evaluation will be helpful.

The use of security systems

A basic physical security measure is to make sure that all doors and window locks are functional. Keyless system and internal locks should be constantly checked to make sure that they are operational. Use a restricted master key system as this method gives you the flexibility to restrict access of people to certain areas. Duplication of keys will also be prevented thus giving you a more confident control over your property. Fire alarm devices, smoke detectors, fire extinguishers and hydrants are a necessity and must be tested regularly. Check for escape routes or exit plans and see to it that emergency exits are not obstructed. Installing lights at all entrances and throughout the entire facility helps a lot in emergency cases as well as in discouraging criminal activity.

Investing in surveillance cameras

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A good way to provide security to your commercial establishment is through monitoring and this can be done by investing top of the line surveillance cameras. This allows you to check who goes in and out of the building as well as the activities of employees even if you are not around. This should be installed in areas where cash and documents are kept. A weekly checking of these devices is suggested to make sure that they are functioning well. See to it that data is clearly taken, recorded and stored properly. Archived surveillance footages should be stored away from unauthorised people.

Monitored alarm system

A good item to include in your checklist is a monitored alarm system. When an intruder enters the premises , the alarm is activated followed by a series of events which includes activation of a siren and a call back to a monitoring center who will then call for a security patrol. You should have a monitoring form at the front desk wherein all guests can sign in. This should include the person’s name, date, time and purpose of the visit, all of which should be written clearly.

Methods for computer security

Since commercial data is a target for many thieves and company rivals, methods for computer security should also be included in your checklist. This can be done by updating firewall and computer security software especially when new releases are made. Change passwords at least once a month and track those who have an access in each computer system. Offline archives should be stored offsite. If you cannot do this, assign a trusted and capable information security officer to implement computer security policies. However, this does not mean that you rely solely on this security officer. Do your part by making a background check and by making unannounced monitoring.

Always invest in commercial building security

Commercial building security is not just all about the systems that you invest in but the people you will hire to help secure your place as a combined strategy. It will be wise to read our pages to find out about the services we can offer to keep your infrastructure safe from intruders.

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