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Top Ways To Ensure Maximum Hotel Security

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A hotel should never assume that their security measures are well able to keep their guests safe. This is because criminals are always coming up with new ways on how they can scam people and ways to rob guests in a hotel. Cases that have been rampant now include cyber-attacks, luggage theft, and break-ins, among other crimes. A hotel that is vulnerable from these crimes gets bad publicity and that affects their business. No one wants to check in a hotel that cannot assure their safety and their luggage.

A hotel should ensure that they hire services from a company with a good reputation that offers security solutions in Montreal. When crimes take place within a hotel establishment, this not only affects business but hotel management can be held liable even for criminal activities committed by third parties. This means that the safety of clients is left entirely to the hotel management and therefore this is one area that should be taken very seriously. The following are ways a Hotel can adapt to increase the security for the safety of their guests.

Update locks often

When guests check in a hotel, they usually spend very little time in their rooms. They are usually out sightseeing and use every opportunity to enjoy themselves outdoors. Guests need to be assured that their luggage is left in good hands and need not worry. There have been cases where criminals hack key cards and get in hotel rooms to steal valuables. A hotel needs to put in place routines where locks are changed once in a while to minimize the risk of key cards being hacked. They should install up to date locks to avoid the use of master keys by criminals. Change of locks does discourage criminals from trying to get into rooms.

Hold safety meetings

A hotel should schedule safety meetings as often as possible. These meetings should be used to train staff on how to detect suspicious activities and how to handle such situations. Meetings are a low-cost way of sharing information and keep tabs on new criminal activities that a hotel needs to be on the lookout for. In these meetings, they should always prioritize the safety of the guests and how they can reduce criminal acts cases.

Monitor hotel activities

A hotel should invest in top-of-the-range closed circuit televisions to monitor every move in the surroundings. Installing these monitors does not help if anyone is not looking at them. A hotel should hire the services of qualified security personnel to keep an eye on the screens. Security personnel are well trained to pick up suspicious activities and in turn they use sophisticated gadgets to communicate with other security personnel on the ground to neutralize the situation. There have been cases where criminals have been apprehended before they even get close to guests and cause harm.

A simple meet-and-greet can work wonders

The hotel should train its employees on how to engage their guests and get to know them better. They should be able to identify guests who don’t fit the profile of a typical guest. Just by engaging guests, hotel staff should be able to identify when something is off about a guest. In the case that a guest portrays suspicious behavior, an alert should be made to the security officials to keep a closer eye on the individual. It is important to treat all the guests the same and if a hotel management suspects of something foul about a client, they have the right to refuse to continue accommodating the guest. This is understandable when the safety of other guests is at risk.

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