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Top Tips to Ensure VIP Safety at Your Event

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VIP security arrangements are quite different from regular security services. VIP security is one of the special kinds, as here the bodyguards are entirely responsible for the protection of the dignitaries against criminal groups, such as terrorists and thieves, and over-enthusiastic fans trying to get close to them; further intruding their privacy.

There can be serious concerns when you invite a celebrity or person of notoriety. No matter the scale of the event, as an organizer, you have to offer them the security they need and fulfill requirements including airfare, luxury stay, good food, an elaborate green room, and proper accommodation for their crew. You also have to make a detailed security plan for their efficient and smooth arrivals and guarantee their safety in your event environment and location.

If it is your first-time hosting a famous celebrity, a politician or a top influencer, here are a few tips to help you devise a full-proof security blueprint for them at your event:

  1. Carry Out a Threat and Risk Assessment

The security needs for one event can differ from the other. Thus, to implement the right security systems or procedures, you have to first assess the source of threat and the level of risk arising from that threat.

You can do that with the help of Risk, Threat and Vulnerability Analysis that helps you understand where to avoid, reduce or ‘accept’ risk and also find the right means to diminish the impact of any threatening event.

  1. Restrict Unwanted Access of People

Once you determine the type and degree of threat, you can use the correct type of resources and protection for the VIPs.  The best way is the avoidance of risk, and that can be done by securing the event premises.

You can put a restriction on who enters the venue’s perimeters and who not by setting up some form of credential checking point. You can also install CCTV cameras and deploy sufficient security personnel to monitor the huge crowd.

  1. Plan Discreet Transportation

One of the most challenging tasks for VIP security is planning the right type of transport, especially when there is an impressive fan base that keeps constant tabs on them. Their dedication often becomes a concern of worry for the security of the VIPs, and hence, low-key transfers are much desired to maintain the level of privacy.

You need to determine private routes and check the destination a few hours before your guest arrives and also arrange for an armored vehicle if his or her life is under threat.

  1. Hire VIP Protection Services

The security guards you hire for the purpose of VIP protection are not like your regular guards. They are specially trained in the art of VIP security. Besides, they are equipped with advanced skills such as martial arts and defensive driving for extra protection of their notorieties.

Quite often they come with a military or police background having an experience of handling sophisticated weapons that comes handy in the case of sudden attacks.

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