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Top 5 Spy Gadgets Available For Purchase

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Whether it’s James Bond or Ethan Hunt, every spy needs to carry cool gadgets. They use these gadgets on their secret missions for MI6 and the IMF. While most of these gadgets are works of fiction, some of the simpler ones are used by real life spies. Due to the popularity of spy fiction and some extenuating circumstances where we need to play the role of spies ourselves, these gadgets have found their way into the commercial market. Even though they’re made for the general public, they provide the same functionality as their CIA counterparts. Here are the top 5 spy gadgets that are available for purchase.

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Night Vision Goggles

For all those who want to look like Sam Fisher from the Splinter Cell series, your dream has come true. You can buy military grade night vision goggles at online auctions, to live your fantasy of being in the Special Forces. These goggles allow you to see things as clear as day, even on the darkest of nights. However, they’re not exactly subtle. So, if you’re seen wearing these in the dead of night, people are going to assume you’re a thief and call the cops.

GPS Trackers

For those suspecting spouses who think their significant others are having an affair, this is a boon sent down from heaven. All you need to do is stick this tracker under the culprit’s car and wait. The tracker logs the route taken by the car and you can pin point its location at any given time. Some trackers allow you to view this information remotely, while other trackers have to be retrieved for the information.

Bug Detectors

Spies are constantly paranoid about having their conversations monitored. With spy cameras and listening devices being within the reach of a 12 year old, can you really blame them? The one thing every spy should carry on his person is a bug detector. It can help you detect listening devices, hidden cameras and GPS trackers. So, the next time you’re heading out for a top secret mission, don’t leave home without it.

Cellular Jammers

An important part of warfare is to disable the enemy’s communications. This will isolate the enemy and make it impossible for them to call for backup. In the same way, cellular jammers can be used to disable neighboring cell phone signals. This can be useful if you’re following someone and you don’t want them communicating with anybody. Unfortunately, cellular jammers are illegal in most countries, and it carries a fine and prison sentence along with it.

Google Glass

For all Dragonball Z fans, the Saiyan scounter is now a reality. Google has developed a mini computer that you can wear as glasses. It has a small display over the right eye, just like the Saiyan scounter first donned by Vegeta did. Google glass has a 5MP camera that captures videos at 720p. Its functionality is activated through voice commands and it even has internet access. Now all that’s left to see is how this device is used in the world of espionage.

These are some of the basic spy gadgets available to the general public at a modest cost. For anything else you’ll have to join either the CIA or the MI6.

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