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The Types And Functions Of A Security Guard

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Security guards are professionals who make sure that ensures the security of a certain establishment, area, or a group of people. What a lot of people do not know is that there are two types of security guards. If you want to know more about this profession, then you should read on:

2 main types

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• Proprietary guard – The first type is a proprietary guard or an in-house guard. This refers to a guard that has been directly hired. For instance, if you want your muscular friend to secure your business establishment, then he could act as a proprietary guard. Proprietary guards do not demand a high salary. But there are also problems involved in hiring them. They do not work for a security corporation and they usually have not undergone training.

• Contract guard – The second type of security guard is a contract guard. He is usually hired along with other guards which come from a single security company. The company that provides security for you will usually do all jobs related to security. They are the ones who will hire qualified individuals as guards and train them so that they could provide better security for you. The good thing about contract guards is that you simply pay them and you do not have to worry about security at all.

Their 3 main functions

Security guards also have functions and obligations. When assigned to some area or someone, these guards with different functions will have to work together in order to ensure security.

• Static guard – A static guard is one who is designated a specific area and has the duty to guard that area until relieved. In short, a static guard is a sentry. Static guards are those which are usually assigned at entrances and exits. Static guards sometimes have to conduct inspection on people who are passing their posts. Basically, they are the first line of security against those with bad motives.

• Patrol guard – A patrol guard, unlike a static guard, is mobile. He covers a bigger area if responsibility and that is why he would have to move around. Patrol guards usually roam around in pairs and are usually equipped with bicycles or motorcycles for easy transportation. Patrol guards are sometimes trained to chase down criminals and to conduct hand-to-hand combat if necessary.

• Undercover guard – Of course, there is the undercover guard. The undercover guard is one that does not wear a uniform. His duty is to stay hidden and make it appear that he is just an ordinary civilian. Undercover guards are usually deployed at special events especially if those events are attended by politicians, celebrities, and other V.I.P.’s.

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