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The Four Main Types Of Security Companies

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The demand for professional security services is on the rise as crime seems to take a new turn in frequency. A look at the newspapers will always reveal some crime or the other taking place, leaving ordinary citizens feeling unsecure. In view of this crazy trend, security is no longer restricted to just authority figures and VIPs. Four main types exist now which we’ll delve into in brief.

Personal security

Personal security involves offering protection to individuals. Bodyguards and security officers who guard individuals or groups of people figure in this group. Such services can be expensive as the guards are usually armed and complete focus is given to the client.

Home security

Home security deals with securing property against criminals. This means using gadgets like cameras, motion sensors, heat sensors and alarm systems that can pick up intrusions. Like personal security, it can cost a lot but what it promises is more valuable than money.

Automobile security

Automobile security includes alarm systems designed to fit into vehicles. GPS is also a popular component together with biometric car locking and remote starters.

Event security

Event security consists of providing security at events, parties and political gatherings. The guards station themselves at entrances, exits and amidst the crowd to make sure no trouble occurs.

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