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Should You Opt For A Dedicated On-Site Guard Or A Drive-By Security Vehicle?

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Across different cities, most people live in buildings that can be targeted for all kinds of crimes. Therefore, security becomes a major issue in their day to day living. The word ‘security service’ has been broken down into different categories. Security services have evolved with time. The past security systems, if compared to the current ones, did not even come close to in terms of technological levels. Despite the progress, you still find yourself wondering what to go for in terms of security for your home. Would you go for a security guard or patrol services? The security guard and patrol services in Montreal have been broken down to make it easier for you to come up with a solution:

Dedicated security personnel services

What a security guard has to offer for your property or the tenant is entirely different from what patrol services have to offer. The officer duties include patrolling on foot, talking to those he sees around, observing the surrounding keenly, quickly answering any calls for their services, looking further deep into issues and a lot more.

An on-site guard is especially dedicated to your property or the tenants during the time he is contracted to. In other words, he is always at your beck and call, until you decide that you no longer need his services. He is trained on what is necessary for you and gets to learn more about the surrounding community. However, a client should be ready to part with a lot more if he opts for an on-site guard.

Drive-by vehicle services

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Compared to a solely dedicated officer, hiring the services of a patrol vehicle is more affordable. Patrol services are commonly used for the security of property or tenants. There are various companies that provide this type of security. The contract they establish with different clients points out the number of times they make patrols in a day. Usually, the number of patrols is set to a limit during the night. In spite of this, if you require more visits, then that will mean parting with more in terms of cost.

Checking on the pricing

If you know your way around the security services, then you know from experience that even if you have to part with more money at some point, a dedicated officer is still more expensive to hire. What a security company pays an on-site guard on a monthly on a weekly basis could be divided among thirty or more clients over some time.

However, this is an added advantage to the clients since if immediate assistance is needed, then the guard is always around to make sure the needs of the clients are met. For a patrol service, it might take longer to respond to a situation that calls for immediate action. In other words, what your pocket can afford is what you get. Clearly, patrol services are quite limited.

Therefore, the kind of security services you hire is fully dependent on what you expect from the company, what you have set to achieve and most importantly, the kind of challenges you are/have been facing. So, whether you want a brief site of your security or a prolonged one, that is entirely up to you.

Operating procedures

Whether you decide to hire an on-site guard or the services of a patrol vehicle, make sure that you are provided with a document that outlines the operating procedures as discussed. As a client, you make a big contribution to the standard operating measures. Therefore, the written document assists you to know if the services are being executed as earlier discussed. Make sure that a patrol services company has secured a telephone line or devised a method of communication in case of urgency on your side.

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