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Security Consulting Security Audits

Security Consulting consulting2 Security Consulting Security Audits Our Security experts work with your company’s management and staff to better understand your business and particular security requirements. The bottom line of the consulting process is to ensure that the you are getting the best value for your security investment. Our approach is based on a model adapted from field proven best practices which involves properly evaluating risks and threats as well as establishing the most effective and efficient policies and procedures to address them. IGS Security Consulting engagement involves the following processes:

•Assessment of existing security operations through site visits, security audits and interviews with key staff
•Recommendation of strategies for improving security effectiveness and efficiency and development of  a suite of security services that is tailored to your unique needs and goals.
•Crisis management and threat assessment
•Customized training and implementation through I.G.S. Academy
•Ongoing review and periodic testing of the security programs

Security Audits The IGS Security Audit program helps solve problems before they arise. We provide a detailed assessment of the state of your organization’s existing security operations. Through its findings and audit evidence, the audit team assists management in identifying potential or existing problem areas. We. then concludes the audit by recommending effective solutions and implementation strategies. Ongoing and periodic tests of the system ensures that a high level of efficiency and effectiveness is maintained. Each audit is headed by a team of experts with extensive security experience. Once the analysis has been completed, you will receive a detailed report that highlights the strengths and weaknesses of your current security posture. The report includes recommendations for increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of your company’s security program. We will then assist you in implementing the recommendations included in the report. As a full service security provider, we offer the professional services you need to meet the recommendations resulting from the audit. The IGS Security Audit covering the following areas: Building Profile – Existence of Clearly Written Security Objectives – Completeness of General Orders and Instructions to Security Staff – Review Access Control System and Procedures – Security Hardware, Software and Communications Systems , Documentation / Paper Audit Trail – Emergency Procedures and Simulations – Security Guard and Employee Screening, Recruiting and Training Procedures – Staff Competency Levels – Work Carried Out Congruent with General Orders and/or Contract – Problematic Areas (Tenant Interviews, tenants with Special Needs) – Management, Head Office – Management Information and Tenant Value – Assessment – Economic and Risk – ROI- Security Needs Established – Threat Assessment – Existence and Adequacy of Recovery Plans – Computer and Data Security – Terrorism and Anti-Terrorism Considerations – Medical Emergency Preparedness and Response – Vulnerability Assessment – Loss Prevention Issues – Tenant, Employee and Contractor Recommendations.

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At IGS Security, we understand the varying security needs of our clients. As one of the best security companies in Montreal & Boca Raton, our team is dedicated to providing the highest quality security services to individuals and businesses. With more than two decades of experience in the security industry, we have become capable of offering complete solutions.  IGS Security Montreal utilizes both advanced technology and trained manpower to ensure the satisfaction and best interest of our clients. We understand that providing the best security services is about having the right people for a specific job environment. We have a stringent guard selection process to make sure that you’re getting the best person for the job. Whether you need residential security services or want to protect your commercial building, we have the perfect solution for all your security needs.

Over the years, IGS Security Boca Raton has become the most trusted security service provider. We offer a variety of security services and make sure that you get a customized solution that fits your unique environment and budget. We have access to the latest technology and skilled manpower to ensure the protection of your life and property. To design customized security solutions, our team closely works with our clients to understand their specific security needs. Our security guards and patrol services meet and exceed the specific demands and expectations of our clients. Our team comprises of hand-pick highly experienced guards. These security professionals are licensed and have received meticulous training. Our skilled guards will keep a constant eye on what happening in and around your home or workplace to ensure your protection inside out.