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When should you hire a security service for your upcoming event?

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Gatherings and big events lead to a lot of people getting together in a public space. While it would be an occasion to celebrate and enjoy, you cannot just ignore the safety aspect. There have been several incidents of attacks in public places where targets were normal people. Also, if there’s a VIP attending the event, the need for security multiplies. You need to include all these components before completing the preparations for your event. Security and safety should be on your priority list before your celebration begins.

You should find a reputed security company to ensure the best safety protocols for the event. It is better to consider the cost and your budget before hiring them. Ensure that you set out a fixed budget for hiring the professionals. It would help you manage all the expenses within your budget and not go overboard. Also, you need to look over their past records and certifications before hiring a security company. They should be specialized in event services and personal security for the best protocols. If you’re still confused about whether to hire a security service or not, go over these points:

There’s a VIP

If there’s a VIP like a politician, a celebrity, or a big business person attending the event, you should hire security. It would ensure the protection of all the guests too and allow you to carry on the celebration. Many such VIPs are targets of attacks which can be dangerous for the safety of everyone present in your event. You should go over your guest list and see if there’s any VIP. If yes, get quotes from different security services and communicate with them. Tell them about your security needs and begin with your event preparation.

The guest list is extensive.

You should decide on the guestlist before the event starts. It would help you know the number of guests attending and the other components. If your guest list is extensive and there are several people, you should hire a security company. You cannot check and keep an eye on every person present there. It can create a risky situation which you should avoid at all costs. So, see the number of people attending and estimate their plus ones too. Communicate about the number with the security company and tell them about your security needs.

The political and safety situation

The political situation of your area would matter a lot in your event. If any big incident has happened recently, you should definitely look for security. They will help you enjoy yourself easily and avoid worrying about safety. You should consider the political and safety environment before organizing too. It will be better to postpone the event too if there’s any risk. The security company will help you decide this and see if it’s a safe time to hold your event.


So, you should look for a security company and compare their services. Look over these three factors and see if they would be a good investment for your event.

Eight Tips to Improve Security of Your Commercial Property

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Keeping your commercial property safe and secure is of primary importance. There are millions of worth assets, inventories, and employees inside that you must pay strong attention to. But, have you wondered what can deter criminal break-ins and insider threats effectively? This article will discuss eight crucial tips that can help every office, retail store, and other commercial space free from any maliciousness. So, keep reading.

  1. Establish Strict Access Controls

This has to be one of the essential tips to ensure your property’s security in the first place. Deciding who gets access to what part of the property helps manage your business’s physical and logical security. For any exceptions, you must have a protocol and robust ways to trace.

  1. Lock and Organize Confidential Items

If you are leaving your commercial premise even for a few minutes, make sure you lock it and safeguard important papers and other stuff from the reach of outsiders. Even if you have a dedicated staff to look after your property, put the documents and files locked away in a safe drawer.

  1. Install CCTV Cameras

A CCTV system in and around your commercial property or office works as a security guard on duty 24×7. You can be away without any stress and keep a remote watch over your workplace and any suspicious activities. There are abundant options available, with the latest models providing clear nighttime visibility.

  1. Provide Identity Badges

Having your employees wearing identity badges or cards with their names boldly written over is a great security measure. That way, you know who enters and exits your facility and can successfully control unnecessary movements. Even if there is a guest, wearing the badge must be compulsory.

  1. Conduct Background Checks

The previous work history of your new hires, their relations with employers and colleagues, criminal involvements – all can play a significant role. So, regardless of their positions, you must screen them thoroughly. Use their resumes, social media accounts, references, and more to dig deeper. Beware of their personal issues that can spill over into the workplace and ignite other complications.

  1. Maintain Your Landscape

A well-manicured landscape surrounding your commercial property discourages vandalism, loitering, and more. With spaced-out tree coverage, you attain enough privacy and deter crime rates. The illuminated gardens keep away the evil minds as they fear being seen and reported to the police.

  1. Arrange Regular Training Sessions

It is not only you but everyone else who should also take the responsibility to secure the building. Your security measures can fail drastically if your employees and staff do not comply with what you plan. So, train your staff to handle cash safely, lock the documents properly, close and open door locks attentively, and report mischief immediately.

  1. Hire Security Guard Services

A competent security guard is equipped with the knowledge and training to safeguard your expensive investment like commercial property. Their mere presence acts as a natural deterrent to warn of the potential criminals and delinquents. They can seem to be an extra expense at first, but considering the way they secure your building and offer peace is worth each penny.


Event Security for Stress-free Functions

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What is event security? 

If you are on the way to organizing a top-tier event, one crucial aspect to take care of is the security of the venue. Event security is vital not only for the performing artists, hosts, and judges but also for the onlookers. Event securities are well equipped and organized to make the proceedings of the event as smooth as possible. They have security strategies, proper allocation of working personnel, a strict curriculum to adhere to, along with some high-grade equipment in case the crowd begins to go wild. 


Essential measures for adequate event security 

  • Guestlist: Event security is hired for a big scale event where the people will be of utmost importance, and they will be significant in number. The event security service must be well equipped to take care of the entrance and exit of every single individual in the event. This included checking their presence against the guest list provided, ensuring proper identification, and checking them for any dangerous gadgets. This is crucial not because you do not trust your guests but also to keep track of any unregistered individual who may want to jinx the event. 
  • Security checkpoints and cybersecurity: The venue must be well mapped out with the appointment of guards to their designated places done beforehand. The parking area, main entrance, swimming pool entrances, and auditorium should be covered with the required amount of safety. The main entries and exits should be well guarded, and the ones that are not going to be used for the event must be temporality sealed. Additionally, checkpoints should also use camera and heat sensors to account for any suspicious activity that may have gone unnoticed by manual search. 
  • Smooth communication: No event has been successful without effective communication between the different authorities involved in planning the event. The event security should have walkie-talkies and all communication lines open to assess the situation and safety of various places in one go and collectively. This ensures proper coordination and safety of the people that are actively engaged in organizing the main event. 
  • Keeping an eye out: Intuition and alertness are two handy traits that come with adequate event security. Guards must look out for any uncomfortable expressions, unregistered activities across the premise, or any disappearances. People must be encouraged to report anything that may be foul or unnatural according to them. This ensures that the people attending the event and the guards responsible for maintaining calmness and order work alongside correctly concluding the event night.   
  • Emergency protocol: There should be a ready emergency exit plan that must be circulated throughout the venue, with the officials and guards being entirely aware of the same. In the case where immediate evacuation is inevitable, the security personnel must make it a priority to first escort the people to safety and then work on reducing the intensity of the situation, if possible.  
  • Crowd management: The most vital point on the radar is regulating the crowd at the event. The highest number of people that can be present in any given room or vicinity must be pre-decided. If the limit is surpassed, immediate measures must be taken to control the strength of the place. Accidents and mishappening are more probable when there are more people since the more the crowd, the more distracted people are. The public should be regulated near and inside dining halls, main auditorium, outside lounge space, or any other area under the venue. 


Patrol services in your Locality

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City streets need proper taking care of, especially when there is less noise and more dangerous planning. Patrol officers guard the streets at the late and early hours to ensure your safety. They control crime, put offenders behind bars, and help people in need without worrying if their own life may be at stake. This is the role of security services in any growing and thriving society; they make it safer and better for you and the people you love. 


What things do patrol officers need to take care of? 


As a patrol on duty, there are instances when unforeseen situations show up. Emergencies do not abide by time; they turn up uninvited. As a security patrol, individuals put their comfort and life in jeopardy to ensure that you can stay in your house safe and sound. The streets need to be patrolled early in the morning and late at night to maintain order during the peak unnatural hours for mischief. Here are a few things that professional patrolling officers keep in mind when on duty: 


  • Proper clothing and gear: As a patrolling officer, things can go out of hand in no time. Officers are well equipped with their protective equipment almost at all times. The uniforms of the officers must be such that it does not hinder movement. Patrolling the streets is a lot of physical work, and it is crucial to be well prepared for running, walking, following, and chasing if the circumstances begin to turn needful. Patrolling officers often have a ting of neon color embedded in their upper jackets to improve visibility. Protection like guns and shielding fibers are kept handy to ensure safety. 


  • Proper supervision: When patrolling officers come across any suspicious activities in the neighborhood, they make it a point not to dive right in since it could be unsafe and unprofessional. A safe distance from the suspects while also keeping a tab on their activities require precision and subtleness. Often, the inquiry is done in a way that does not blow their cover. Imperative as it is, they have back up a call away, which can be needed if the suspect tries to act out or put forth a scene that is entirely uncalled for and unexpected. 



  • Timing and alertness: Subtleness is one of the most vital qualities of a mindful patrolling officer. They do not want to be predictable and still be able to guard the street against predators. Patrol officers stay clear of the corners and keep them in check, given how escaping becomes easier with no open space. They make it a point to have their backs against the wall should a situation like this arise. The alertness towards steep walls and corners saves officers from any sudden attacks. 


  • Emergency protocol: One good night and everybody is sound asleep, and suddenly the earth starts shaking. What to do? There is a fire breakout in the neighboring hotel? How to go about it? Crime and unregistered activities increase multiple folds in case of an emergency where there is commotion all around. Luckily, professional patrol officers are aware of emergency protocols such as evacuation and ambulance services. They stand at the street tall and confident with a ready plan for anything that may befall, unannounced. 


Four things to consider before hiring V.I.P protection services

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With increasing attacks and susceptibility to danger, each person needs to ensure their safety. You cannot be sure of being safe in a crowded public space. Events and functions and the major spots where these attacks are prevalent. As a V.I.P., you need to invest some money to keep yourself safe. A high-profile person is often the target of attackers. Business people, politicians, or celebrities are some people who are common targets. You must have heard such incidents where the attackers often mark a famous person. This is why you need to ensure your safety, be it in a public or remote place.

There are several protection services available. However, your choice should be a reputed security company which has experience in the field. This would help them anticipate any dangers and devise plans for the same. Apart from that, hiring professionals ensure the quality of their services. You cannot be sure of your safety with an amateur as they won’t have experience in the field.

Let’s see what aspects you should consider before hiring a V.I.P protection service:

Do you need protection?

Protection is crucial for every person. However, there is a difference between hiring a professional service and protecting yourself. You should ask yourself whether you really need security or not. Assess the situation and the event you’re going to. You should be aware of whether there could be someone who might hurt you. These things are crucial to consider before you begin the company search. Apart from that, it will help determine the security level need for the specific event too.

Security level

It would be best to consult a security company to determine this. They’ll help determine the number of guards you need and other security services too. This would vary for people with different profiles and their daily life. For example, if you regularly go out to public events, some permanent bodyguards would be necessary. However, if you just need security for one occasion, it might be sufficient to get event security services. Anticipating this need can be pretty difficult, and it is better to get an expert’s opinion.

Your budget

Although money doesn’t come above your safety, it is important to consider it. You have first to decide the amount you’re willing to allocate for security services. After that, it would be better to get quotes from different security companies and decide the ones that fit your budget. It will allow you to make a prudent choice that doesn’t go over your spending limit. However, you shouldn’t hire someone just because they offer cheap services. Contact a security company now and get started to ensure your safety.

The experience of the company

The company or professional you hire should have experience in providing V.I.P services. It will help get expert services and attend the events without worrying about safety. Apart from that, their skills help them assess and escape the situation quickly if something goes wrong. Also, keep an eye on their referrals and past reviews. Ensure that you follow up on them before selecting a company.

How Hiring A Security Service Will Give You The Peace Of Mind?

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In times when the crime rate is the highest on the streets, no one can take a risk with their precious possessions and lives. People prioritize the safety of their families and want them to be safe—the other precious possessions like important documents, cash, business secrets, jewelry, etc. You alone cannot protect all these things because you have to carry on with your routine. This means while you are carrying on your work, your mind will always be behind the thoughts of the safety of others, which will distract your mind from doing work. For this work, you should hire a professional whose prime purpose will be the safety of your property and people. Security services will provide you a security guard on a daily basis or for specific occasions. They will ensure that you have peace of mind while you are working because someone is there to protect your people and property.


Below is how hiring a security service will give your peace of mind:


24 hours protection:

By hiring security services, you are ensuring 24 hours protection of your property. The security guards that they will provide will keep an eye on your property all day and night without you worrying about the security measures. The security personals will also ensure that no unknown person enters your home without their permission. So, if you are going to be out late or only your kids are at home, you can totally rely on security personal to keep your kids and home safe.


Personal protection:

You can also hire security services for your personal protection. If you are a businessman/woman, you should know that you are always at risk whenever you go out to attend an event or a conference where all the cream of the state will be present. You should never go unprotected to events like these because your rivals will just have to look for an opportunity to get a shot on you. Personal protection will make sure that you are safe throughout these kinds of events so you can enjoy yourself without worrying.


Event security:

If you are planning an event on a big scale, you should definitely hire security services so that they can ensure the safety of the people who will be attending the event, giving a sense of security and peace of mind not only to you but the people who will be attending the event. This way, you can totally focus on organizing the event rather than ensuring security. The person responsible for securing the place will take care of the rest.



Reliability is directly proportional to peace of mind. You know that the security service will send someone trained to protect your property or people. You can totally rely on them as they are trained and getting paid for doing the job adequately. This way, you be sure that your possessions, property, or people are protected at any cost while you can carry on with your routine. Trusting them while they are doing their job will eventually give you a sense of security and peace of mind.

Tips to ensure the safety of the guests during a high-profile event

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Every famous and wealthy person wonders about their safety at least at one point in their life. The increasing number of attacks on such people makes it essential to invest in security. This threat would increase when they go to a public event. It isn’t easy to identify and track every person visiting and ensuring that an outsider doesn’t enter. However, if you are an event manager, you need to take up steps to ensure this. Any security threat can lead to trouble for each guest present in the place.

Ensuring the safety of the guests is the primary thing for organizing an event. As an event manager, it should be on the top of your list to hire a professional security company. They should be experienced and must have expertise in handling big, high-profile events. Only then can you begin with the other arrangements of the event. However, there are other steps you should follow too. It would take up extra efforts on your part but would lead to a more secure environment for your guests. Also, it will be up to you if there is any trouble, and you would be the one who would have to handle it.

Here are those tips you should follow for enhancing the security for your high-profile event:

Identifying and keeping track of every guest

You should make up a list beforehand of every person invited to the event. Ensure that only those people enter the venue and nobody else. It would take some effort to track everyone entering, but it would help identify the people in case of a problem.

If it is an open event, you should take the identity proof of the people. Track down their names and contact information and ensure that nobody gets by without submitting them. It can lead to some resistance, but security should always come up first.

Using the modern security tools

You need to install 360 view cameras all over the place. It should not leave any blind spots and keep track of every corner. Assign a person to sit in the control room and keep track of the event through the camera screens. It will help avoid any problems and track the people associated with it.

Also, use metal detectors and other tools that would help you track what the people are carrying. You should stop the person if they don’t comply with the rules.

Hiring a security company

You cannot handle the entire security yourself in addition to managing the entire event. It would be prudent to get an experienced security company that offers event services. Look over their past records and certification first. You should communicate with them about the plan and the important factors. Familiarize them with the major guests and assign people for them individually. It would take off a burden from your shoulder but, you should not become careless or lenient.

Doing your part for security and protection should be the priority. Contact a security company now to get started.

Why should you prefer trained guards for security?

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Everyone is hungry to get answers to their queries. Why is that so? Why isn’t that so? Why has it changed? Why hasn’t it been taken care of?

We care to ask so many “Why’s” because we need assurance of everything that has happened. In this era of technology and fast growing world, dangers are exponentially increasing. You may not know, the danger might be sitting a few inches apart from you. The security or surveillance cameras and the installed security system do help to keep the house, or office, or building secure; but they are just primary measures to secure your home or office. The security camera won’t be able to fight off a burglar who has entered your house, but surely can notify the officials of the burglary. By the time officials arrive at your place the burgary would have already taken place.

This calls for a need for a security guard in the premises along with the security system. Security guards can aid in preventing crime, maintain security as well as assist the clients, customers, employees in various ways. There are multiple benefits of a trained security guard-

  1. Trained guards have a high sense of security. Keeping highly trained guards will keep the robbers at bay. Armed guards know how to draw and use their weapons when needed. They are trained for such crucial moments and can prevent the crime from happening.
  2. Before the trained guards are assigned to their duty or assignments, the guards undergo multiple training assignments. They train using weapons which are licensed. Unless they pass the standard test they cannot be assigned duty.
  3. Their training helps them to quickly respond to crimes, they have been trained, hence it helps with their quick reflexes to respond accurately to a crime. Consider the act as first aid which is necessary before you start your treatment.
  4. Any legitimate company would check the backgrounds of their guards before deploying them. Armed guards have to go through a mandatory background check as they would be entrusted with weapons in the longer run.
  5. The armed guards have licensed weapons with them; their personal details such as fingerprints are stored in a database as they will be handling weapons. You can be relaxed knowing that the armed personnels have no criminal records and they have passed all the physiological examinations and are in the proper state of mind to take any risk-related and faster decisions regarding safeguarding and securing.
  6. Trained guards are vigilant and can spot crimes. They are trained to do multiple tasks at a time- monitor camera feeds, and the premises. It is not an easy task to concentrate on the ongoing business with a relaxed mind along with checking on multiple side tasks.
  7. The armed guards act as the first line of defence. They know exactly how to apprehend the criminal or culprit safely without causing much damage to the property as well as keep others safe. Since they are familiar with such situations from their training, and can handle the situation with better clarity.
  8. Unarmed security guards and armed security guards only differ with the usage of weapons. They are both trained under a strict regime to be effective severely as well as are equipped with good customer service skills.


Any legitimate security firm will have the following points at check-

Insurance and license, Staff training, Service delivery, Reviews and ratings, Your budget, Experience, Quality of their training. It is vital for you and your family/business to be well guarded and secure the territory you live in.


Ask yourself these questions before Hiring a Security company for your Business

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Every business enterprise needs to prioritize security. It helps them to keep their critical business information safe and ensure smooth operations. Also, security is becoming more vital in these changing times when public unrest, riots, burglaries and attacks are becoming common. Businesses are often the targets of burglaries, making it crucial to invest in a reputed security company. It will help you keep your employees and business operations safe and present any mishappenings. All these things make it crucial to keep an eye on the security level of your company.

It is not enough to just hire a security guard and be done with it. The guards should be armed if your business can attract any problems. Also, it is essential for the safety of people if you operate a bar or a nightclub. Places like these need to hire a team to prevent any questionable situations and protect the integrity of the business.

However, you need to ensure that increased security is the right thing for you. If you are a business owner, it is crucial to ask the right questions and determine the use of every investment. Following are the top four questions you need to ask yourself before hiring a security service:

Does my business need security services?

Every business faces some level of threat. Be it regular burglars or planned attacks, it is crucial to keep them in mind before deciding on a security level. While security is always important, not every business needs professional services. For example, regular grocery stores can manage easily without guards.

On the other hand, places like a nightclub or bar can seldom see drunk fights. It is essential to have guards to control such events and ensure the safety of others. Also, it affects the business’s reputation if there isn’t a team to handle things effectively.

What level of security does my business need?

There are different levels of security for varying businesses. Small stores can do well with just a guard, while large enterprises need an entire team. You need to determine the extent of your operations and hire a security service accordingly. It will help you decide the adequate amount of staff requirements and the budget as well.

For example, a showroom needs a security and patrolling service while a local grocery store can manage without it.

What is my budget?

You need to decide the amount of money you can spend on security services. It will help you choose the company that fits your budget and provides an efficient service. Try not to keep the budget too low as it won’t help much if you hire someone inexperienced. It will only harm the prospects of your business and security.

Decide on a budget and get quotes from different companies to choose the ones fitting your needs. Also, it will help you decide whether you can afford a professional team or not.

Ask your employees and customers.

Your employees and regular customers matter more than your business. It is their own security you would be investing in, making it essential to get their opinions. Gather your employees and take their suggestions on the security level. It will help you get a diversified view and involve them in the decision making.

Also, you need to keep the customers in mind. It is better to take the opinion of your regular customers. Ask whether they feel safe in your store and if they don’t take action on the matter. Take their suggestions about security and implement them in your plan.


Ask these questions to yourself and use the answers to decide on the security. It will help you get a better idea of the needs of your business and arrive at an optimal solution.

The Duties and Obligations of a Security Guard at the workplace

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Safety and security are the most emphasized subjects in today’s world. Nowadays, every phase of our life is surrounding by risk and uncertainty. Risk is the park and parcel of our time, and avoiding it can be an impossible task. We need to take proper safety measures and take the necessary steps to prevent any unforeseen circumstances. Businesses are exposed to various type of threats and warnings at all times. Maintaining a safe and healthy workplace is the need of the hour and protecting every employee is the main aim of the employer.

Safety is an essential aspect of any industry as a conducive environment will boost the morale of the employees. A secure and sound workplace will also enhance the productivity of every being and provide them with a deep sense of security. By inculcating several security programs and measures, we can improve the quality of life for every worker. Besides this, we can take a business to a higher level by taking charge of every person at work.

There are various precautions we can take to maintain a safe and sound work environment and assuring each individual they are not exposed to any kind of threat. in this respect, when we talk bout personal safety, it means avoiding harmful and threatful situations in our surroundings. This is why it is prudent to hire security guards to prevent any sort of crime and create a peaceful environment at work. So let us examine in detail the duties of a security guard at the workplace:

Staying alert and observing: A security guard should have a good knowledge of his surroundings. It is crucial to remain vigilant and alert and identifying if any unusual thing is happening at the site. You have to have a keen sense of smell, sight and hearing while you are on duty. Inspecting all the areas of the site and keeping a record of the happenings is very important. After you have recorded all the events, the next step is to report them to the department’s seniors.

Detecting crime and misconduct: Every business is exhibited to various kind of perils from its enemies and rivals. Security guards have to undergo tough training to handle and actively respond to crime. The presence of the security guard will deter the criminals from doing something illegal. If somebody is caught on the spot doing something illegal, a security guard can immediately inform the police and behave very sensibly and fearlessly in such circumstances.

Responding to emergencies: Emergencies can happen at any time in the workplace. An emergency is an unexpected event that can cause danger to lives and property. While there is an emergency, the security guard is the first person who can detect and deal with it. Staying alert in this event will help you to make a timely decision and take care of the situation to stop it at that very moment. Every company has its own set of guidelines, and the security guard has to act according to them.

Assisting guests and strangers: When the workplace area is large enough, it isn’t easy to reach the exact location. The role of the security guard is to help the guests who inquire about the workplace and its functioning. It is imperative to be mindful in this process and keep in mind all the threats as people can unknowingly trick you into disclosing the information.

Maintaining order: The security guard’s job is to keep the place organized. They will perform crowd control, keeping people dispersed evenly. They also keep the parking space in order and maintain the order of traffic.