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5 Important Tips for Security Guards

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Everybody knows the hardships faced by a security officer during the course of the job. There are numerous risks that one has to encounter being in this job but has to keep overcoming to keep up with the safety levels of people around.

Although they get specially trained and paid for carrying out their duties, the level of bravery they portray is commendable. There is no doubt that just by their presence around, the whole environment seems a lot more safe and sound.

Each type of environment presents a unique set of challenges for guards and the role of guards keeps getting intense. Hence, it is of vital importance that the security personnel don’t forget their safety amidst the fulfillment of their duties and protect themselves as well while saving other people.

There are several safety tips that a security guard should keep in mind whether in a night club, event, apartment or business. Have a look –

  1. Stay Mindful and Plan Ahead

The job of security personnel involves a great degree of alertness and negligence for even a single moment can result in immeasurable loss in terms of money or human lives. Every action taken by the guard has to be calculated and planned carefully to be able to act quickly; otherwise, it may lead to disastrous results that can never be undone.

So, if you have recently joined a security team, make sure you are well aware of the potential dangers around and be prepared to handle them effectively.

  1. Be Prepared with your Defensive Gear

Always remember to have your defensive gears with you even if the surroundings don’t seem to be much of a risk. Everything in life is uncertain and being in possession of your protective gears and loaded firearms act as a life savior when encountered with unforeseen violence or other dangers.

However, if you aren’t required to carry any firearm on duty then make sure you have other tools like pepper spray, baton, etc. to handle a situation that turns from bad to worst. Also, make sure your equipment isn’t faulty or it could be risky for your life.

  1. Dress up in Appropriate Clothing

You might be wondering how the clothing comes into the picture. Well, this may sound as a non-matching aspect for the job but plays a crucial role in the everyday routine work of security personnel. Security guards are quite often walking and running around and wearing comfortable clothing and footwear enables them to carry out their tasks without getting their movements restricted or slipping on the floor causing injuries.

Moreover, many guards are required to wear body armor as well that are specially designed to defend themselves against knife or bullet attacks. So, if your job demands so, be sure you wear them regularly.

  1. Be Alert and Maintain Distance

It is always better to ask your client to brief out any hazardous substances lying in the premises that can pose danger if approached from a near distance. You should keep yourself protected from such materials and discuss the safety protocols before-hand.

Similarly, when you deal with potential suspects, always be on a high-alert mode and maintain a safe distance from them. It is because you never how they act out or attack you all of a sudden.

  1. Have Knowledge of Emergency Procedures

As security personnel, your duty isn’t limited to protecting people from theft or violence, but also from unexpected situations sent by nature. You should be aware of emergency procedures that should be undertaken in case any fire strikes or an earthquake happens.

Having the knowledge to deal with adverse situations can quicken up the response time and save hundreds of lives.


5 Steps for Hiring a Security Company for Your Event

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Creating a perfect event is a daunting task. Everything from choosing the right kind of location, setting a suitable atmosphere, investing a substantial amount of money to executing it as planned is a challenge for the person-in-charge.

With millions of people attending events every year in a city, their security becomes one of the crucial issues and failing to put effective safety structures in place could lead to immeasurable damage, disruption or injury.

Knowing this, the event planners have started paying a lot of attention towards setting up an effective management and security system in and outside the event premises to avoid unforeseen instances of violence or stampede.

Whether it is a small scale event or a large scale one, safety is paramount everywhere. Having a reliable security company on board can elevate your anxiety of handling the crowd and you can rest assured of having your event (private or commercial) to start and end smoothly.

Here are the steps to help you in hiring the right kind of security personnel for your event –

  1. Evaluate the Event Premises

The first and foremost thing to do before hiring any security company is to know your venue inside-out and assess which areas are most vulnerable. You have to take into account the main entrance gate and other ways from where people can get in.

The unwanted intruders always barge into any event from most unexpected places and figuring them out would help you in keeping security intact at those areas and scare the mischiefs away.

  1. Calculate the Ratio

This is, in fact, the most important and trickiest part of the whole process. Hitting the right balance between the guards and the number of attendees of your event is essential. A huge security team for a very small private event will make your guests uncomfortable whereas a few security personnel deployed to handle a large crowd would bring disastrous consequences.

Hence, as an organizer, you are required to determine the appropriate number of guards required to manage the crowd and maximize security throughout the event.

  1. Start your Search

Now, when you are done assessing the venue of the event and the number of personnel required to guard that place, you should ask for recommendations from around and see what kind of experiences people had with them. You can carry out a bit of online research and see what reviews and ratings have been given by their past clients.

Shortlisting of multiple companies is important at this stage so you can compare who matches your needs the most in terms of quality, efficiency, and cost.


  1. Verify all Accreditations of the Company

Coming across a company which is duly certified and licensed is an indicator of its quality of work. Any security company is given a license after the staff members undergo the required amount of training and comply with all sorts of regulations as laid down by the law.

By choosing a certified company, you can have full faith that your event will be handled by a dedicated and fully-trained team.

  1. Check the Track Record of the Company

An official license and certification will serve no purpose if the security personnel fail to perform equivalently good in the field in accordance to the training provided to them. An experienced company has great skills in handling all types of events, whether they are small scale or large scale.

Getting in touch with a company that has a proven track record of successfully handling a ruckus crowd should always be on top of your list.


5 Essential Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Security Company

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Life is full of uncertain situations. Nobody knows what future beholds for them. One can never foresee what might happen but can surely plan for it in advance to reduce the possibilities of loss.

With rising rates of crime and violence globally, there is no doubt that everyone’s security is highly threatened these days. Whether it is business, an apartment or any event, people are extra-cautious about keeping themselves and their surroundings safe and sound.

This is where the role of a security company comes into the picture. A mere presence of security personnel is enough to have you rest assured and focus on other productive things of life, rather than worrying about how to save you and your family from outrageous levels of violence, damage, theft or any other mishap.

However, with numerous companies already operating in the market, how shall one go about picking the most suitable one? Well, the most crucial things to be looked out for are –

  • Honorability
  • Ethical Business Practices
  • Professionalism in Work

That being said, you can evaluate a company possessing these qualities by asking the following questions –

1: Does the company carry the relevant experience?

What many people aren’t aware of is that not every security guard is suited for every place or occasion. The security personnel carry different skills and expertise and are hired for particular types of environment only.

So, when you head out to choose a security company, make sure that they have a significant level of experience with similar clients like you. An experienced company would always be able to offer you greater efficiency and reliability.

2: Is the company open to provide services in your locality?

As obvious as this may sound, many people still forget to take this factor into consideration. Hiring a company that isn’t much familiar with the security issues or potential risks of your locality or city is not a wise decision.

You should better opt for a company which is locally owned and operated and has multiple locations in your city.

3: Does the company carry licenses and insurance coverage?

Every service provider has to adhere to the regulations laid down by the law and attain desired certifications and licenses to operate in the city. These licenses are evidence of their formal training and a clear background.

Additionally, there are situations where the guards might incur injury or some sort of harm during their course of the job. To handle such incidents, it is important that the company has proper insurance coverage for them to save you from any liability.

4: What their past clients are saying about them?

While evaluating security companies, the best way is it to look out for what kind of feedback their clients have left for them. Someone who has previously worked with the prospective company is in a better position to give you detailed insights into the working of that company.

So, take your time to speak to the people around and discuss if it is the right kind of company for you. Go through their online reviews and see what people are saying about them. However, if you find 2-3 negative feedbacks, don’t get disheartened right away because even a top-class company can never satisfy 100% of its clients. Go ahead and judge them on your parameters as well.

5: What is their pricing policy?

When it comes to your security and safety, nothing else matters. In fact, high-class people are ready to shed out thousands of dollars every year on security guards just to keep a secure environment around them.

However, comparing the kind of services being offered in return is also required. Every company has different pricing and some even charge extra costs for overtime or hiring of additional supervisors or guards. So, make sure you clear it out beforehand.

Essential Tips For Effective Crowd Control

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If you happen to have a big occasion or an event coming up in a few days, chances are that you have been concerned about the security that is to be implemented for such a situation.

One of the major ways in which security teams for residential premises and for commercial enterprises differ is through their competence of crowd control. For the latter, it is essential for the personnel to be highly trained in managing a massive crowd in such a manner that there is the minimization of injuries and risks to safety. However, this is not an easy task to achieve. This is the reason why you would mandatorily need the assistance of professional commercial security enterprises. These commercial security enterprises hire a team of trained and qualified security guards who are experienced in managing an effective crowd control policy for such events. In fact, in the long run, rendering the assistance of professional commercial security enterprises wood economize both your time and your money.

During the planning stages of your event, you must also simultaneously settle down on the name of a commercial security enterprise so that they can collaborate with you in the envisioning of the plan in the safest manner.

Enumerated below are some of the essential parameters that you have to keep in mind when you are settling down on the plan for an effective crowd control policy for your event or occasion.


Help Your Guests With Directions

Whenever there is a massive crowd, there is also the need for somebody to help them navigate through the premises on which the occasion is taking place. Given that the premises would be slightly larger in comparison to a normal venue, your guests might be a little lost when it comes to following the directions that are already predetermined by the signs and posters. In this case, the security personnel must assume the responsibility of helping any guests who are in need of directions so that they can reach the venue safely.

On the other hand, if you do not have anyone taking such responsibility, or if they are not professionally trained in handling the mass of enormous crowds, the people might panic and become anxious and it might rapidly escalate into a situation of utter chaos. Not only is this not preferable, but it might also quickly turn into an exacerbated situation which might pose as a threat to the safety of your guests. For this purpose, you would have to put in place a team of security guards who are well acquainted with the venue that they are in so that they are competent to give your guests all the necessary directions that they need.
Creating A Flow Of People

One of the predominant aspects that you would have to keep in mind is to direct and channelize the flow of people that will be attending your event in an organized manner. For this reason, you would be requiring the assistance of a professional team of security guards so that they can supervise and administer this flow of people in order to minimize the case that can potentially take over the crowd for the objective of continuing the event smoothly. An experience security team would be qualified to make a plan regarding creating a flow of people so that there can be barriers and other fences put in place to manage the crowd that is supposed to be attending the event.
Managing Queues

Lastly, an important part of managing the crowd is to create queues and leave them in the right direction. In general, people do not like standing in lines for a very long time. This is the reason why you would need the services of a professional security team so that they can manage the queues.


If you are on the lookout for the name of a professional and reliable commercial security enterprise, you can hire the services of IGS Security in the Montreal area.


Advantages Of Hiring A Security Guard For Your Business

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For many commercial estates, business owners make the executive decision of implementing security measures, the most common among them is hiring a security guard for looking after the property as well as maintaining the safety and well being of the people who work on or visit the premises. Having a security guard, or a team of security guards, on a commercial estate can prove to be extremely useful, especially in unfavorable circumstances that might arise in the future, as they can be a testimony to several instances when it concerns the domain of law enforcement. In fact, it has been proven that hiring security guards for commercial property is significantly reduces the level of crime in the surroundings as well as minimizes the chances of people with nefarious intentions trespassing on the property. With the help of the right security guards, you can even detect criminal activity before it is rendered too dangerous.

Given these advantages, it is necessary to enumerate why hiring security guards for your commercial property is beneficial in more detail.

Thereby, listed below are some of the major benefits that you will enjoy when you have hired a team of security guards for your business enterprise.

Reduction Of Crime Rates At A Workplace

The primary objective of hiring a security guard for your commercial enterprise is to make it safer for your employees. This is achieved by your security personnel through their training as well as through their use of high-end gadgets and technology to detect any criminal activity. A commercial estate is susceptible to a gamut of criminal activity ranging from vandalism, theft, robbery, as well as assault and harassment. When you have such activities taking place on your commercial property, your security personnel will know the right way to mitigate the damages that are procured in the course of these events. Additionally, with the help of their competence and training, they would also be able to identify and neutralize the sources of the threat so that the situation at hand does not exacerbate into something worse. The security personnel is also qualified to come to the aid of law enforcement agencies in order to provide testimony, solve crimes as well as work in collaboration with their team so as to discourage and help resolve any issues that might arise on your commercial property. Hence, when you hire the services of security guards for your commercial estate, the surrounding environment is rendered more secure for your employees.

Having A Sense of Heightened Security

Just by the mere act of having a security team in the place, your office space will become a safe haven for your employees as well as your clients who visit the commercial premises from time to time. This elevated sense of security also acts as a catalyst for your employees to be more productive as they do not have to worry about any criminal activity taking place. The same goes for your clients as well who would be more willing to spend time on your premises, thereby increasing the time for you to negotiate and engage with them, in turn, giving you an upper hand over your competitors. It has also been proven that with a security team in place, the employees of a business center seem to be more retentive.

Better Customer Service

Security guards are also trained in furnishing your clients with fundamental customer services. In many cases, security guards are the ones who provide your clients with directions to the parking lot as well as to specific areas in the building of a commercial enterprise.

If you have been on the lookout for an enterprise for hiring a security team in the Montreal area, you can solicit the services of IGS Security.


Essential Tips On Choosing Security Guards For Event Security

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When you are in charge of organizing and arranging for the provisions in an event or an occasion, one of the first aspects that you need to pay attention to is the kind of security you would need to hire for the upcoming event. There are several parameters that you would have to keep in mind when you are selecting a company for installing a security team for the safety of your guests. They must be effective in their protection as well as provide you with other high-quality services so that there is no compromise when it comes to the safety of your guests. Choosing the right security team prerequisites active research on your part as you need to navigate through the profiles of several companies before you can select one among them.

Most event organizers make the common mistake of selecting the very first security team that they come across. This must be avoided at all costs because you need to look into several other aspects of the enterprise in question so that you can be completely sure about your decision. Keep in mind that the security and safety of your guests would be directly dependent on the kind security team that you choose for the occasion.

Given this fact, enumerated below are some of the predominant parameters that you would have to take into account when you are browsing through the names of security enterprises for your purposes.


Look For Qualified and Licensed Security Guards

First and foremost, it is obligatory that you only look into the profiles of security team enterprises that have a valid license attached to the name. When you have a security team that is properly licensed, you can be assured of the quality of the services that they offer to their clients as well as their integrity and professionalism that comes as a corollary of the job. When the security enterprise of your choice holds a proper license, it means that they have passed through a set of rules and regulations implemented by an authorized board pertaining to their services With this guarantee, it becomes easier for you as an event organizer to fully trust the representatives that are sent to the occasion for the purpose of maintaining the security in the premises on which the event is going to take place.

There are several other certifications and qualifications that the representatives of security enterprise need to be in possession of. For instance, it is necessary for a security guard to hold a first aid certificate so that during a case of emergency or in any contingencies, they can come to the aid of your guests and provide them with first aid. This would ensure that your guests have the highest level of security, even during unfavorable circumstances.

Local Experience

The next determinant for your choice of a security team would be the kind of experience they have had while operating in the area concern. Make sure that you settle down on the name of a security team that has an extensive experience in serving guests in the locality that you want them to be present. In this manner, they would be well acquainted with the kind of threats and circumstances that they might have to encounter during the course of the event. This would also make them more qualified to understand the needs of the situation, furnishing you with better services for the safety of your guests.


Finally, make sure that you have been clear while communicating and dealing with the prices associated with hiring a security team of your choice. Beware of companies that make you sign a long term contract as in most cases it is a marker of fraudulent business. A reputable security enterprise board would you an affordable and fair price for the services that they offer.


If you have been looking for a reliable security enterprise in the Montreal area, you can solicit the services of IGS Security.


Important Tips To Consider When Hiring A Security Company For Your Business

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If you are a business owner, there is a possibility that you have thought of hiring a security team to protect your business and your employees from external harm.

Enumerated below are some of the considerations that you will have to make while hiring a security company for your business.


Their Experience

This goes without saying, but you would have to take into account the amount of experience that the security enterprises that you are thinking of potentially hiring have. Keep in mind that even security and residential security is completely different from what encompasses business security. You would have to know essential facts such as the person who would be in charge of your company’s security, their experience, and how they have treated the past clients. Make sure that you establish a line of communication with the security enterprise that you are interested in so that you can know more about how they work and what their business ethics is so that you can match those qualities up to the values that your own business enterprise holds.

Hiring a security company that has adequate experience would give you the corresponding assurance that they have tackled almost every issue there is when it comes to providing a commercial enterprise with their security team’s services and you would be at peace during a contingency.

The Technology That They Use

When you have found a security company that has adequate experience, you also have to be certain that they use high-end and state-of-the-art technology so that their preventative measures are up to date with the latest advancements that have been made. One of the most important reasons why it is important for a security team to be proficient in the use of technological devices is because there have been several developments made in this domain that can enhance their services meted out to you. For instance, they must know how CCTV footage and surveillance systems work so that they can be conscientious of any nefarious business or trespassing that might have occurred on your commercial premises.

Their Response Time

Keep in mind that most of the situations that require attention at the earliest do not come with a warning. It is because of this reason that you would have to hire the services of a security service team that has a quick response time to compromised situations. It is their duty to come up with the solution as soon as possible and they must always be aware of the surroundings to prevent any further contingencies from taking place. In this context, is also essential to mention that they must be extremely responsive to text messages or phone calls made by you so that during an emergency situation, you can be entirely reliant on the services that they would provide you with.

Their Expertise

Finally, you have to make sure that you are hiring a security team that has adequate qualifications and training in this domain to corroborate their claims. As aforementioned, working as commercial security, they would have to have special training and must be up to date with the latest regulations in this arena so that they can serve you to the best of their abilities.


If you have been looking for a competent and trained security team for your commercial in Montreal, you can hire the services of IGS Security.


Practical Tips On Hiring Security Guards and Officers

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Owning a security enterprise is most definitely not an easy task to manage. You would have to have the assurance of a competent and trained team at your disposal to guarantee your clients with the promise of complete and infallible security when they need it.

Enumerated below are some of the steps that you would have to take into consideration while hiring security guards and officers.


How To Post The Job

When you have a vacancy for your security business, you would have to make sure that you post the vacancy for the job in a place where it will be noticed by the right people. Even though printing a job vacancy post in a newspaper or posting it on social media seems like a quick and easy method of doing so, you would have to take a minute to review this action before you actually realize it.

While it might be enticing to get the job vacancy posted so that you can have as many potential recruitments as possible, you would have to keep in mind that not everyone would be equally competent, and you might end up dealing with a deluge of potential employees who might not be qualified enough to take up this job. In that case, just for the sake of filling up the vacancy, you might end up hiring someone who does not have experience on the training to be a part of this job. For this reason, you would have to first determine who you want as potential employees and what qualities you are looking for in such a person. With this filter in mind, you would have access to a group of people who would be truly interested in the job and would have the necessary qualifications to corroborate their interest in this area.

Preparation For A Younger Employee Group

It is a well-known fact that several people belonging to the relatively younger quadrant has a degree but is unemployed. Chances are that when you are posting a vacancy for your job, you would have comparatively young people respond to it more in contrast to those who are older. In this case, you would have to reshape and reformulate the kind of message that you are sending through your vacancy post so that you can cater to the needs of the younger generation. Attracting their attention would entail strategic decisions on your part. Therefore, your vacancy post would not get as much attention when you posted on a newspaper outlet rather than posting it on online platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and the like. Make use of data tracking to feature ads on sites that are frequented by the younger generation so that you can invest in recruitment procedure that would yield you the best results.

Ask The Right Questions

Interviewing your potential employees is evidently one of the most vital steps of the recruitment procedure. Make sure that your questions are based on your final objective, that is, recruiting someone who is trained and competent to take up this job. Make sure that they are truly interested in the job that they are applying for and that they will be a good fit for your company.


If you have the need for consultancies in this matter, you can render the assistance of IGS Security, Montreal.


Essential Event Security Tips

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A crucial part of planning for an event is inclusive of making plans for security as well so that you can safeguard your guests from potential harm.

Enumerated below are some of the essential event security tips that you will have to keep in mind.


What Your Event’s Security Risk?

There are discrepancies when it comes to events of different types. For instance, a political event would entail more risk factors than a social one, like for example the birthday party.of a congressman in contrast to the birthday party of a spouse. Therefore, it is necessary that you gauge the kind of situation that you are up for in the context of security before you have consolidated a deal with the venue.

In common parlance, your security risk would range from high risk, medium risk, and low risk. This would translate to the kind of event security you would require in the organization during both the stages of promotion and hosting of the event. This factor would be inclusive of the key dignitaries who are supposed to be speaking or mandatory the event, the exhibitors or the sponsors who are supposed to be present in the premises when you are holding the event, and most evidently, the guest list that you are supposed to create.
Additionally, you would also have to take into account whether or not, especially if it is a political event, there is the likelihood of protesters outside the premises of your event when you. Keep in mind that these protestors could end up being featured on local and national media which might reflect negatively on you and your guest’s image. For instance, outdoor venues are obviously more valuable when it comes to the breach of security in comparison to indoor event venues. In another context, inclement weather conditions also take a toll when it comes to outdoor event venues, like tornadoes, hurricanes, rain, snow and the like.

Make An Emergency Response Plan

When you are planning for an event, it is also mandatory that you plan for an emergency response course of action. In this manner, you would be mitigating any potential risks that might post themselves in the course of the event. When you plan and emergency response course of action before time, you are both mentally and physically prepared to take on the problems that you might be facing during that time. Keep in mind that you would have multiple people to take care of during this emergency and thereby you would have to plan for event security on a corresponding scale. Thereby, it is highly recommended that you hire the services of a trained security team when you are hosting search events so that you can have the assurance of the competence and training during a compromised situation.
Charting an emergency response plan would initiate with the determination of evacuation routes on a layout so that you know where and how to evacuate the rooms and transfer your guests into a safe place.

People First, Technology Second

Make sure that you are aware that despite the high end and state-of-the-art technology employed by some security personnel, they might not be about to furnish you with the best security. This is because the experience of these people is far more determining than the kind of technology that they use.


If you are in need of experienced security personnel for your event, you can solicit the services of IGS Security.


5 Tips for Hiring the Best Event Security Team

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Organizing an event can be stressful, whether it’s a high-profile celebrity event, a conference or a music festival. From making stage arrangements to looking after ticketing, organizing these kinds of events require lots of planning and preparations. Since a large number of audiences attend such events, it’s necessary to take certain precautions.

When planning an event, safety is paramount to ensure that everyone is safe at your event by eliminating the chances of dangers. By taking proper security measure you can make sure your event remains peaceful and fun for all. As such, hiring the security staff is crucial but it’s equally important to find a team that is legitimate and trustworthy to keep your event running smoothly. An efficient event security team is capable of handling different issues from carrying out a risk assessment to controlling access. So when you plan your next big event, consider the following five tips to hire the best security for your needs.

  1. Consider the amount of security your event needs

When planning the event, first you need to think what type of security is required for your event. Whether your event is on a large-scale or a small one, security is a must. However, depending on the size and type of your event, you need to consider how many guards you actually need. The right number of guards and security measures required actually depends on the size of the venue and the estimated number of attendees. Further, to get an idea of the right number of security guards, try creating a balance between safety guards and the expected number of audience.

  1. Verify Licenses and Certifications

The security firm you hire must have trained and experienced staff to efficiently handle any emergency situation. Since each territory has its own regulations so make sure to check their license and other industry certification. The security guards must undergo rigorous training and comply with all laws and regulations of your state.

  1. Hire a Security firm familiar with your type of event

Every event calls for a different type of security needs. The type of security needed for a music concert will be much different from that of a conference or a wedding party. Security personnel can specialize in a wide range of events. So, it is a good idea to find out about the team’s training and background so that you can make sure to get a team that is the right fit for your event.

  1. Choose a company that offers various services

Some security firm offers particular services while others provide a wide range of security-related services. A security firm offering various services, such as security guards, event security, and security patrol services ensures more professional services and better-trained staff. They are experienced in different levels of protection to guard your business, people and property. Therefore, to hire the best professional, search for reliable staff with proper training, in addition to expertise in various security services.

  1. Arrange a visit to the venue

Once you have selected your security team, make sure the event security officers visit the event location to understand the layout of the venue where they will be providing services. It is an indication of best professionals to assess the venue they are dealing before the event day and perform a risk assessment at the venue. This lets them plan ahead and ensures that they can handle any issues which may arise on the venue. Also, they may spot something that you hadn’t, if they see the venue before the day of the event.

Therefore, to ensure the best security of your event, hire a licensed security company that you can trust. Remember, the safety of your guests is in your hands and you should make sure to take the best decisions.