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Importance of Security Guards and the Role They Play

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The job of security guards is one of the riskiest jobs in the world. The environments they work in generally have their own set of challenges and the security personnel are required to combat every potential threat to ensure the safety of people.

The level of risks one has to encounter as a security guard is enormously high, which is why every individual looking forward to a career in this field has to undergo various security guard training programs and learn the right techniques to intervene and respond when any crime or violence happens.

Being a security guard is tough. This job role isn’t meant for the weak-hearted. There are certain responsibilities the security guards have to fulfill to outperform their abilities and secure themselves and others throughout the job shifts.

Crucial Duties of Security Guards

The job description of security guards varies but every duty performed by them has to be aimed at preventing crime.

Let us have a look at the duties that security guards are supposed to perform –

#1 – Be Visible

Security guards that make themselves prominent around the area are very successful in warding off the criminals before creating any nuisance. The burglars, shoplifters, or other criminals get on high alert when they see security guards on the duty and think twice before committing any crime.

Although playing on the hidden side also works in favor, but it is more beneficial if the security guards make themselves clearly visible.

#2 – Be Alert

There is no scope for any error in the job of security guards because a lot of lives may be at risk. This makes their role more demanding. The security guards have to be extremely vigilant in terms of gauging any sort of harm before it happens.

They have to be observant and clever enough to make out any strange happenings around them. They should have keen senses of sight and hearing and the ability to interpret what they see and hear.

#3 – Be Quick

The security guards need not only have the sense to deter crime but also the sense to take quick actions to control it at the earliest. This makes the security guards be on constant alert and avoid all sorts of distractions.

The security guards should know how to respond sensibly during the crisis and call for police help if the situation gets out of control.

#4 – Be Approachable

A security guard team is often deployed in large gatherings like rallies and campaigns to ensure that proper order is maintained and chances of stampede or riots are eliminated. In addition, they may be handed over the responsibility of receiving visitors and guests at the event and showing them their way.

This is why they have to develop two extreme personalities together where they portray a ‘no-tolerance’ attitude towards mischiefs and a friendly attitude towards guests. They should be able to switch between these personalities as per the need arises.

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