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How To Protect Your Business Inventory From Interior And Exterior Threats

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Business security, especially when it comes to protecting your business inventory, is not something that can be taken lightly. A business owner needs to manage the physical aspects of his or her building’s security first. You can start by considering hiring one of the reputable security guard companies in Montreal to keep your business premises safe at all times. The other thing to consider is to implement simple upgrades to both the exterior and the interior portions of your security system to protect your inventory. To protect your business inventory from interior and exterior threats, this is what you need to do:

Check basic security systems

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Most businesses, especially small businesses, rely on basic systems to protect their technology, equipment, inventory and building. Most of these simple systems are usually easily compromised. Basic security systems found in a business premise include a small camera system, a simple “3 doors and a motion” electronic security system and deadbolt locks.

The truth is these devices are not enough to ward off would-be threats. You can improve your security by simply improving the exterior lighting to ward off potential criminals and eliminate blind spots. Another way to improve building security is to invest in remote camera monitoring to provide clear real-time images for monitoring fenced-in areas. Additionally, you need to regularly inspect your surveillance system to reveal problems that would leave your business inventory vulnerable.

Advance in security, surveillance and access control

If you have a surveillance system that is more than five years old, it may be time to upgrade it. Take advantage of the technological advancements that are available to increase security for your business. Update your cameras from analogue to IP to get more area coverage and clear picture quality.

Install a 24/7 cellular monitoring security app that combines text and push notifications to alert you to the presence of burglars. This app can also provide you with detailed alerts of when your employees come in and go out from your business. There is a new technology that eliminates the need for keys in sensitive areas of your business to limit access. You can use the keyless technology to restrict access to your store area to protect your inventory.

A few years back, the keyless technology needed users to swipe their cards before entry into a room. However, advancements in technology have provided one type of credential that can be used. Instead of carrying around cards, employees use key fobs, the size of wafers, to gain access. These key fobs can easily go on a key ring or attach at the back of a cell phone for a convenient and easy way to carry the access credentials.

Recently, the NFC (Near Field Communication) technology is being used by big businesses to step up their security. The NFC allows one to carry their cell phone as the credential to gain access. A more sophisticated NFC system uses both a cell phone and fingerprint to gain access. This type of security measure makes it hard for even the most hard core criminals to gain access to your warehouse.

Don’t forget the people part

The security of a business is only as secure as the people working there. A business owner should encourage employees to be on the lookout for potential threats as well as enforce visitor management. Train your employees the importance of keeping security protocols to keep untrustworthy visitors from gaining access to sensitive areas. By conducting regular coordinated exit drill, you add another level of security not only for your inventory but also protect your employees.

From managing your employees to taking advantage of technological advances to basic upgrades, improving the interior and exterior of your business security seems like a daunting task. You can let the professionals from a security company walk you through the risks and help improve your security system to protect your inventory.

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