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How To Prevent Security Breaches Within Your Business Organization

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When people most people think about the sheer number of external security threats their business organizations face, they easily forget about internal dangers and perils. Security breaches frequently occur from inside an organization. These threats are mostly the result of what is generally referred to as “insider job”. While lots of businesses subject new members of staff to in-depth interviews and perform multiple background checks on them, one can never be too careful.

Although a majority of security service providers specialize in protecting office buildings from external intruders, they also offer quality advice on how to best secure a business entity against threats from within. Here are several steps on how to best prevent security breaches from within a business organization.

Start by establishing a circle of trust

Your everyday consumers and business clients have to trust your organization if they are to make significant purchases or even strike a deal. The same goes for your employees when it comes to internal security. As such, you must try and set up a circle of trusted groups of trustworthy members, may they be members of your staff or business partners. People within this group should then be the only ones that know about things such as alarm codes and security computer passwords within your organization. You should then make sure that all privileged information given to these people does not land into the wrong hands. And while at it, limit the number of people that have access to security measures such as passwords and security codes within your industrial entity.

Provide different codes and passwords for different people within your firm

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While this could prove a bit tricky to implement, it is a foolproof way to knowing who gained access to your business premises when a security-related incident occurs. With different codes and passwords assigned to different individuals within your organization, you are able to look at the records and determine who is responsible. However, a security breach could occur if an outsider is able to gain access to the provided security passwords or codes. How, you might ask.

Well, in the event that a staff member’s security codes or passwords are stolen, an outsider is able to easily gain access to your facility and then carry out whatever fraudulent activities he or she might have planned. However, it should be noted this intruder might be an anonymous individual or disgruntled employee.

Disable security access for all ex-employees

You are bound to have some employees leaving the organization every now and again. Nevertheless, failing to disable security access for these kinds of ex-staff members can be quite dangerous from a security perspective. If for example they are still able to access the local intranet or email accounts, then scores of sensitive documents are at risk. Furthermore, since they still have an access card, they can easily enter the business building. As such, it is recommended that you have a system in place to disable access for members that no longer work for your organization.

Regularly change security codes and computer passwords

Although regularly changing passwords and codes can be inconveniencing, it is one of the best ways to guarantee security inside and outside your organization. In fact, it is considered as the best way to keep internal security threats at bay. So it is highly advisable to try and change things such as computer passwords and security alarm codes every five or so months. This way, you are able to make certain that your business premises and critical data is unattainable and accessible.

By updating the above listed security measures on a regular basis, you are able to make certain that only trusted members of your staff or business partners have control over your business’s most valuable assets. It is also important to speak to experts about alarm response security in Montreal and learn more about the technical aspects of changing your alarm codes and passwords within your organization so as to enhance data security within your organization.

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