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How The Security Of Your Business Can Actually Depend On These Small Security Products

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Running a business is tough enough without having to worry about security, and yet you cannot run that business if you do not address the security issue effectively. No matter how impressive your business idea is, you cannot succeed unless safety and security are considered in the plan. Other than the usual burglars and robbers, commercial buildings also face a risk of malicious competitors and intellectual property thieves who would be looking for opportunities to gain access into your business premises behind your back.

Here are some small products that you are likely to overlook when planning for an effective security system. Although small and usually not even noticed, these items play a great role in the security of any commercial building.

The cameras

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Outside the office, people appreciate surveillance cameras as important components of the security system. On the inside, however, you are likely to see these cameras as a violation of your privacy and generally an intrusion. Most business owners even avoid installing cameras in their own offices. This means that the entire office building may be safe except for the manager’s office. The irony here is that if there are any sensitive documents on the premises, they are most likely to be at the business manager’s office.

No matter how annoying these cameras may seem, they are your only chance of identifying an intruder in the event of a break in. Commercial buildings that have cameras on the inside as well pose too much of a threat thus deterring intruders. And if your building has many other occupants other than your business, you can only be able to point out the intruder if you have cameras in your offices. The ones on the outside will have too many people from the other offices in the building, thus making it hard to identify the real culprit.

Cabinet and drawer locks

Office cabinets and drawers are usually lockable, regardless of their design. This is because they are designed as storage units for potentially valuable documents and other items within the office. The problem here however is that most people barely notice that they have locks, and when they do the keys are often presumed to be missing. Locking these drawers and cabinets can help you protect your sensitive documents or items that could be targeted by intruders. This means that your drawers and cabinets need to have functional locks and available keys at all times.

Key card or finger print access locks

These may also be considered as too much work, especially in environments where all employees can go anywhere within the premises. However, the threat here is external. This means that you will need to use these if you intend to limit the access of your business premises to yourself and your employees. Make sure you have access locks as a part of your security system in order to enjoy some security even after working hours.

The exit door’s push bar or the panic bar

Every commercial building probably has an exit door with a push bar or a panic bar. These bars ensure that the door is only used for exit, and it always triggers an alarm when used. Without the push bar, your office could be accessible to anyone from the outside. And without the panic bar, an intruder could exit your offices stealthily without alerting the security team. This means that both bars are highly significant to your office’s security.

Each one of these products plays a great role in keeping an office safe. Thus, when looking into commercial building security in Montreal, these are just some of the things you must look out for.

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