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Home Security Systems To Secure Your Home

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Every house, be it modest or opulent, stands to benefit greatly from having security systems installed. In this age where theft and break-ins have become commonplace, it’s necessary to have a system that guarantees some level of protection. Let’s look at the more common home security systems in use today.


Sensors are components that detect movement, sound and vibrations to alert homeowners, neighbors and security companies of a break-in. The fancier the technology, the more expensive the sensors are. Of the many types available, passive infrared detectors are the most common.

Monitored systems

Monitored systems are those that alert security companies when an alarm is tripped. Since it’s common for homeowners to accidentally set off an alarm, the security service will wait for about a minute before calling to alert you. If the system still isn’t deactivated then the company will alert the authorities.

Unmonitored systems

Unmonitored systems don’t rely on security services to alert the police if the alarm is tripped. Rather, the system emits a loud noise that can be heard by passersby and neighbors. Due to the method of operation, such systems have become very popular as they tend to scare off intruders. They’re more affordable than the rest as well.

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