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Hiring Security Guards And Deciding On Their Placement

Many companies these days take security seriously, and will therefore go a long way to spend money on it. Hiring security guards is just one of the ways of making sure that the company premises will be secure. However, if it is your role to oversee this, one of the issues you might need to deal with is: where should the guards be placed? The placement of security guards in and around a commercial facility will influence many things including the number of guards you need to hire. Some of the factors that can influence the placement of security guards in a building include:

The nature of the surrounding neighborhood 

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One aspect you need to be keen on is the nature of the surrounding neighborhood. If you live in a neighborhood that has a high crime rate, then you might need to place security guards in practically all the entry points to your facility depending on the nature of the business. In some cases, some neighborhoods will have regular crime with specific patterns in which they are committed. For instance, it may be common to find that the criminals in a particular area prefer specific entries to buildings. This would then act as a guide on how to place the security guards to your building, as well as choosing how many of them you want.

The size of the complex 

Rather than having one large building, some business premises are designed in such a manner that they are located in one large compound, but with different complexes around the area. In such cases, the relative importance of each point in the complex can help you figure out where to place the security guards. For instance, if a particular installation is more important compared to the others, then you would want minimal disturbance at that facility. For this reason, you would make it more protected compared to the other buildings in the complex. The goal is to optimize the number of guards you hire, so that you don’t end up getting a lot more than you need which will waste money. Any quality security guard company in Montreal will give you all the technical tips you need to do this right.

The nature of the main entrance 

You will obviously have to put some security guards in the main entrance to an office complex or building. However, the nature of the entrance will guide you in determining how many of them you will place. Some businesses have main entrances that are large, and which need more than one person to secure. If both male and female people go through the main entrance, you may also need to have both male and female guards at the main entrance if searches are mandatory. This way, you will avoid scenarios where male guards search females or vice versa, which could be a recipe for gender-based lawsuits against your company.

The relative importance of several areas in the building complex 

In any office of building complex, some areas will require more security than others due to their sensitive nature. For instance, if one part of the building houses a mainframe computer which acts as the backbone of the company’s transactions, you definitely don’t want anyone besides the certified individuals to come near it. For this reason, you may need to place an extra guard or two to protect the entry to the room.

In some cases, you may require the guards protecting such areas to have specific skills in order to protect the areas as well as they can. For instance, if a part of the building houses very sensitive information or parts, you may anticipate forceful entry by competitors or other parties. In such cases, you would want the area to be protected by a guard who is trained in hand to hand combat.