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Why You Need To Hire an Armed Security Guard

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Are you worried about ensuring the security of your business? Or do you want the best possible protection for your events? Whether you’re looking to safeguard your business or want protection for your big event, you need to hire security guards. But when it comes to hiring security officers, a big question arises- should you hire armed or unarmed security guards?

Today, the world is facing increased danger in the form of terrorist attacks and mass shootings at concerts, schools, churches, and other public events. Businesses are also dealing with increased incidences of thefts and other crimes on business premises. With all such threats, the need for tight security has become a necessity in our daily lives. As such, from retail stores to banks, today the need for adding extra levels of security is more than ever. And one of the most crucial measures to ensure robust security is hiring armed security guards.

The security guards can effectively prevent crime, maintain security, and assist customers and employees. Hiring an armed security officer largely depends on your particular security needs. However, if you can’t determine whether or not you need an armed security guard, here are some benefits of hiring armed security.
Highly Trained

Not all security guards are capable of handling weapons. The security companies provide advanced-level training to use weapons and meet state standards. The company makes sure that the armed guards can confidently and efficiently operate weapons. These guards possess qualification and undertake a proper training program to achieve the highest level competency. Also, they are trained to work in a variety of different settings, such as schools, private residences, banks, jewelry stores, and hospitals. Their extensive training prepares them to identify potential threats, navigate buildings, and remove threats. When you hire these armed guards, you get top-level security. The armed security guards are able to understand the technical aspects of using their weapons, as well as know when to use them.

Thorough Background Checks

The armed officers have the authority to use weapons which means they need to comply with the legal requirements. The security companies conduct extensive background checks of their guards which usually include the FBI background checks and fingerprinting. The purpose of these background checks is to ensure that the guards do not hold any type of criminal record and are able to receive a gun permit. Moreover, it also confirms that there are no signs of mental illness. When you hire these armed security guards, you can be confident that you have hired credible and more qualified guards.

Deterrents to Criminal Activities

Most companies hire armed security guards because simply their presence is found effective in preventing crime. When you have armed security officers in your premise, criminals won’t take any chance. Businesses and institutions hire armed security guards because from distance they appear like police officers. This means that just the sight of an armed guard is enough to ward-off criminals trying to get in the building. Moreover, armed security guards are also trained to deal with criminals who are armed with weapons.

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