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Useful Event Security Tips to Prevent Disasters

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With increasing threats of terror attacks post 9/11, the needs of event security has become more important than ever. From gigs and festivals to conferences and trade shows, ensuring the safety of attendees needs to be the top priority of event organizers.

However, still, event planners are not spending enough on security and focus more on food-and-beverage, venue location, speakers and other entertainment considerations. It’s seen that event security is often pushed at the bottom of their to-do list which means that their security practices may not be up to scratch.

To prevent disasters like the Pulse nightclub in Orlando and the Bastille Day truck attack in Nice, event security must top your event preparation list. Proper event security measures include employing the right security personnel to ensure the safety of your guests and staff, as well as, to prevent damage to the venue and related property. Below, we have listed top 3 tips and practices to ensure that your event is properly protected.

  1. Select a safe venue

The venue you choose for your event must be appropriate from the security point of view. Make sure to check that the venue has a proper emergency plan to deal with any mishap. There must be proper evacuation plans, emergency exits, provision of first-aid, and contingency plans. Moreover, their staff must be properly trained to respond to emergency situations. When you’re hosting an event in an open area, make sure to take proper security measures to cover the area from every corner.

  1.    Assess your event’s security needs and risks

Be it a music festival or a conference, the security need of every event is different. So, depending on what sort of event you’re organizing, you need to assess the security threats you are likely to face. Also, the security issues of indoor events will be much different than the outdoor ones. Therefore, you should consider the capacity of the venue, the number of attendees and the nature of your event to frame the right security plan for your event.

Find out weak points of the location to develop a robust strategy ahead of the big day. Besides, consider the security risk related to the organization involved in hosting or promoting the event, the content or context of the event, and the key speakers. Your security plan should include measures to deal with medical emergencies, the arrival of uninvited guests, poor weather, a likelihood of protests, the presence of local or national media, and technological failures.

  1. Brief your Team

Once you have developed a robust security plan, make sure your security team is well aware of their role. For this, make sure to brief your event staff before the event begins about all the specific security concerns. All the emergency response protocols, number of guest, high-risk areas, as well as, the evacuation plan must be well understood by each member. Since you can’t risk the security of your guests, it is necessary to hire a professional security agency. The professionals are more experienced than you in addressing security concerns of different types of events. A team of well-trained and expert security guards will monitor your event and properly respond to any security issues on the day. Moreover, they will be equipped with a walkie-talkie to stay in contact without leaving their area of duty. Create a complete list of everyone who will attend your event and make sure guards verify people quickly and efficiently.
Once you have a comprehensive security plan and a right team in place with the knowledge to secure the environment properly, you are ready to host a great event. Remember, nothing is more important than the safety of your guests and this responsibility lies on you.

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