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Should Your Gated Community Hire The Services Of A Gatehouse Security Guard?

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A lot of people these days live in gated communities for the protection and exclusivity that the always guarded gates provide. Having experienced and reliable security guards at the gatehouse makes the gates even more functional and secure. They also add a feeling of instant safety to your community. So if you truly want to keep your gated community safe from intruders, then make sure to hire the services of professional security guards in Montreal.

Apart from greeting everyone that uses the gates, these guards also patrol the area, making sure that everything always looks the way it should. Here are some notable merits of hiring a security greeter or guard for your gated community.

The community members are able to keep track of all visitors

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This is probably the biggest merit of having gatehouse security personnel at the gates. The added security they offer is worth the money and trouble. One of the most important duties of these security professionals is checking everyone that enters and exist the property. If a person does not have a reason to enter the community, the security greeter ensures that he or she does not get past the gate. The additional entry barrier of protection considerably minimizes the risk of intruders making their way into the communities for whichever the reason.

Community members are alerted in advance when a guest arrives at the gate

Gatehouse security personnel literally greet everyone that arrives at the gate, including guests that come visiting the community members. If requested, they can call any member within the community to inform him or her of a visitor who come visiting. Regardless of whether the member is expecting the visitor or not, this extra security feature gives him or her a heads up when any given person tries to enter the property for a visit.

Quick access to the property

Most gated communities need an electronic badge to open the gate. As such, if you forget yours at your house, you might not be able to enter the community. By having a gatehouse security guard, entering the property won’t pose a problem even when you forgot your entry badge at your office or even home. He or she will recognize your face or vehicle and let you onto the property.

Regular patrols

Apart from keeping the gates safe and secure, the guards perform regular patrol around the property. In this way, you and your neighbors can rest assured of your safety for your peace of mind. The regular patrols around the property makes the area less desirable to probable thugs, burglars and other criminals.

Enforcing the community’s rules

One of the duties of gatehouse security personnel is to enforce your community’s rules so as to keep things functioning properly. When hired, the first thing they do is to learn the rules that govern your gated community and then enforce them. In this way, they make certain that everything is operating as smoothly as it should.

In conclusion, all security services are not the same. So make sure to contact a reputable security service provider if you are looking to hire some guards to patrol your residential or commercial building or to guard the gates to your gated community.

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