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Concierge Duties Offered By Security Companies

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Concierge duties differ from place to place depending where the concierge services are needed. Concierge services are provided at resorts and hotels and these services are extended to apartment complexes and even private homes. So this means that duties of a concierge will vary depending on where the services are needed. If you are looking to hire concierge services with security backgrounds, check with a security company in Montreal that offers these services.

The duties of a concierge in a hotel or resort will include welcoming guests and answering any initial queries asked. So that means that concierge services have to be well conversed with the resort routines, enough to help guests before other hotel staff can take over. A concierge in a residential environment is required to offer personalized services to tenants and they need to form a close relationship with people around. It is vital that a residential concierge should be able to know all the tenants in a complex. The following are general duties of a concierge in any setting.

Offer security and building access

A concierge is usually the first contact when entering that vicinity. It is very important that they should be well trained on good communication skills to be able to interact with guests and tenants. They should be able to respond appropriately to anyone who enters a building. Since a concierge mans a building, they offer security services by ensuring that they watch out for any suspicious activity.

They also ensure that no prohibited persons gain entry to a building. Each establishment has different rules and how much freedom one is allowed within the property. A concierge ensures that these rules are followed to the letter and reports any suspicious activity to the management.

Professional appearance

Concierge Staff should always conduct themselves in a professional way. They should be well dressed in official clothes and carry themselves with elegance. They represent the establishment that they are working for so they should hold themselves in high regards. Their uniform has to be clean and neatly pressed every day. Since they have the first access to guests, they should possess qualities like patience and have leadership abilities. They should never be rude to guests and should treat everyone with utmost respect. They should be able to multitask and handle every task with courtesy.

Handling packages and mail

It is the duty of a concierge to ensure that they receive mails and parcels delivered in the location they work. They need to familiarize themselves with the package delivery routine of their place of work and keep a log of everything that comes in and goes out. They should ensure that parcels are delivered to the rightful recipients on time. A record is kept on the time of delivery and a concierge ensures that he gets a signature for every package delivered. A good concierge is well trained to be aware of suspicious packages and should report any suspicious package to ensure the safety of guests and tenants.

Able to handle emergency situations

A company offering concierge services train their staff on basic first aid training and they are able to handle emergency cases as they arise. In the case of fire, they direct guests and residents to secure designated places and make 911 calls for help. They offer first aid to the injured and ensure that intruders do not come in to take advantage of the situation and rob guests. The management relies on staff handling concierge services to handle emergency issues when they arise before the right responders show up in the emergency scene.

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