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Points to Keep in Mind when Hiring a Security Guard

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Hiring a security service or a security guard is a crucial step for protecting your business or property. You would want to go with a security service which offers you the best. This means hiring the best people for the job. A security guard should be skilled in his/her job. The guard should be vigilant and fully aware; they are someone you can easily rely on to give you the peace of mind that your business or property is being protected.

Before choosing a security service or a security guard you should keep in mind the level of security you need, you should also consider the various aspects of the job to hire the right person. Here are a few things to keep in mind while choosing a security guard:

  • Must be trained and licensed: The security industry is today strictly regulated. To be a professional security guard one has to obtain a license, this ensures that no one can falsely claim themselves as a security guard. A person gets the license only when they undergo full-fledged and rigorous training. Thus, before hiring a security guard, make sure that they have a valid Security Industry Authority (SIA) license. Under SIA, apart from the formal training, the person also goes through criminality checks to qualify for an SIA license.
  • Good interpersonal skills: good communication is an important skillset for a security guard. The job of a security guard involves dealing with a lot of people, so knowing how to deal with people and the ability to defuse a crisis, and preventing them from escalating is crucial. If the job of the security guard involves dealing with customers and staff, you would also have to make sure that the security guard knows how to talk professionally and effectively.
  • Equipped with the latest technology: As the technology is continuously evolving, the security guard you are hiring must also make use of and be equipped with the latest technology. Modern technology makes the job easier and much more effective. You would need a security guard who knows the technical know-how and is comfortable using technology such as CCTV, or surveillance equipment.
  • Motivated: Motivation and passion are one of the most important traits to look for before hiring a security guard. All the complicated and rigorous training will be nothing if the guard is just not motivated enough about his/her job. Good security is one who is a good observer, alert, and can stay motivated during the quiet hours.
  • Should have administrative skills: Today, the job of security guard also involves paperwork, note-keeping, and making reports, etc. So, it becomes important that the security guard knows how to read and write, and should also be good with spellings and grammar. Apart from that, they should also be competent to use a computer if required in their job.

In Nutshell, it is always recommended to go with a security service company they is reputable and well-recognized. A good security company should be able to guarantee the highest possible standards of professionalism, trained and SIA licensed security guards.



Benefits of Outsourcing Security Service

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Today’s businesses understand the need for security. While deploying security it is always recommended to outsource the security service. Ever wondered why? Here are the few top reasons which suggest the benefits of outsourcing the security service.

  • Diversified staff: Security service teams are expected to be well experienced, knowledgeable, and specialized in their respective field. They have extensive knowledge of technical know-how of various tools to monitor security threats and risks. They have regularly updated systems which help to deter the possibilities of any vulnerability at an effective price. Having diversified and certified experience, the outsourced security professionals are likely to have seen and experience a lot more security threats and vulnerabilities than the in-house security team. Indeed, outsourced security teams bring in more experience and they are proved to be more vigilant and alert to dangerous situations and know better to prevent those from happening in the future.
  • Affordable cost: Building and maintaining the in-house security personal is both time consuming and a costly affair. Also, investing in the latest technology as well as regular training of the security team adds to the additional costs, hence it is always suggested to outsource the security service. Outsourcing the service allows us to take the benefit of highly professional and competent personal, well equipped with the latest technology. In nutshell, you only pay for what you use and when you use, which is far better than maintaining an in-house security team even when not needed. The outsourced security service apart from highly experienced also adds to the reduced costs. These reduced costs can eventually be allocated to other key areas of the business. It is certainly a win-win situation.
  • Reduced risks: Building an in-house security team is not easy, and maintaining the same is even more difficult because of multiple factors like government regulations, competition, market conditions, changes in technologies, uncertain financial conditions, etc, all these factors add to the risks of maintaining a security team. However, outsourcing the security service rules out most of the risks that come with marinating the team. With the help of the expertise of the security service industry, especially about the compliances and various government regulations, the whole affair can be attested to be very effective.
  • Quick in adopting new technology: In the times like these, with a lot of technological advancements, the technologies are rapidly changing, the more quickly they change, the more quickly we need to adapt them, however getting equipped with the latest technologies is not a piece of cake, it requires a good amount of knowledge. Also, deploying new technology is quite costly. The outsourced security services come bearing years of experience and knowledge about all sorts of technologies and keep updating themselves with new types of equipment. So you can save both time and money and start the project hassle-free.
  • Makes it easier for you to focus:

By outsourcing the departments like security you can focus on many important tasks in the business. You can collectively focus your time, energy, and efforts on pushing the business into achieving bigger goals.