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5 Reasons to Hire Security Guards for Your Night Club

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Talking about night clubs, they are filled with people who are there for fun, party and some alcohol. You may see a night club filled with VIPs, patrons and high-class people since clubs are the hotspot for people who like clubbing and partying.


Since alcohol is served in night clubs, some individuals are likely to get intoxicated. In such a situation, there could be arguments leading to fights, inappropriate behaviour and harming others. Many mafia-linked people carry guns and knives in clubs. However, all these things can lead to violence, accidents, damaging club property, shooting, killing and many more. You cannot open a club where people’s life is at risk.


Therefore, when it comes to bars and nightclubs, you must hire the services of a responsible security guard team for your bar. It would be best for everyone if you contact a licensed and professional security company who can provide you with trained men ready to tackle all kind of situations.


The professional security guards not only establish a safer environment but also manage premises of the night club. Down below are mentioned some of the reasons for hiring security guards for your niterie.


1) Manage Access to the Premises- The most common concern of the club owners is access to the venue. Security guards make sure that the number of people visiting the club may not exceed at a particular time. They are there to enforce all the rules, including checking the identification to see the age limit of patrons visiting the club.


Security guards make sure that the area is safer for people to go back easily after the club closes since there can be burglars, thieves waiting for their victim in the dark streets. Security guards can help you out in case you are not in the condition to walk alone to your house.


2) Enforce the Rules of the Establishment- Every place has some protocols that need to be followed by the customers. So is the case with the bars and nightclubs, ensuring the safety of everyone. However, some of the rules are set by the state and breaking such rules can lead to fines and business shutdowns. To maintain a safe atmosphere, security guards are allowed to inspect Identity cards, throw agitators out and enforce a dress code.


3) Prevents Teens from Consuming Alcohol- One of the reasons for hiring security guard services is they prohibit people, especially teens, from entering the club or consuming alcohol. They can easily detect fake IDs to prevent legal liability issues created by underage drinkers.


4) Provides a Secured Environment Inside the Club- The security guards can easily detect harmful behaviour, sexual assaults, customers that commit malicious activities. They can intervene to prevent the situation from turning into a drama. If things are pretty twisted, they can contact the local police station and snab the criminals.


5) Provides VIP Security- If your bar is the chill place for public figures, showbiz stars and other eminent personalities, then it is highly essential to have trained security guards to take care of them. Although they have their bodyguards, yet it can build a great impression on how you handle security concerns seriously.


Why is Hiring Security for Wedding Beneficial?

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Getting married soon? Congratulations! You must be excited and nervous at the same time, and that is normal. Most of the people start feeling anxious as their wedding day comes closer. All they wish is that everything goes perfectly, and no issues arise on their big day. However, because of being so much consumed in wedding preparations, many people forget considering the security of their event.


When you are spending a huge amount of money and putting your time and efforts in the planning, you must not overlook security. Safety of the guests at the event has to be your top priority if you want the situation to stay under control in case of a mishap. By hiring a team of security guards, you can enjoy your wedding to the fullest because security experts will take care of the safety of your friends and family.


Now, let us see how a hiring security guard for the wedding is extremely advantageous.


Security guards are efficient at handling big crowds – The first and the foremost reason for hiring a security guard is that they are skilled at managing events with bigger crowds. We all know that at crowded places the possibility of things going wrong is more. Managing a big gathering is not easy, which is why hiring services of a security guard is recommended. Security providers have gone through training and have gained enough experience throughout their professional life. Moreover, they are equipped with all the necessary tools to communicate with their team members at the event to report suspicious activities immediately.


Security guards can monitor the guest list – These days several unethical people try to crash other’s wedding for the sake of fun or theft and burglary and for this reason hiring a security guard is extremely crucial. As the job of the security guard is to keep an eye on dubious activities and to keep you and your guests safe throughout the event, they work smartly to justify their work. They monitor the guest list and make sure that nobody gate-crashes your wedding.


Security guards protect your expensive gifts – It is evident that when your guests come to your wedding, they will bring some gifts as a token of love along with them. All those gifts are kept at a designated location, and for the safety of those gifts, you will definitely need someone. If you assign this duty to your family member, then he/she will not be able to enjoy the ceremonies of your wedding, which is why it is advised to hire the services of security guards. They will efficiently look after your belongings and gifts, and you can peacefully host the event and greet your guests.


Now, after learning the benefits of hiring security guards for weddings, what are you waiting for? Take a step towards making your marriage a secure and safe event by hiring the most trusted security guards in your town.


5 Attributes of a Great Security Guard

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Whether it is about maintaining the security of a building, monitoring event or guarding a place through patrolling, security guards play an essential role in securing a place by keeping an eye on the agitators.


Although it is their duty to look after the area, they are told to, yet we have seen many security guards taking their responsibility lightly. This may be the case when you hire security guards without doing proper research or asking questions from them.


However, professional security guard companies hire men and train them to take action in all type of situations. They are trained and certified and can answer all sorts of questions when interrogated. Besides, we always recommend people to hire security guards from professional companies who have experience of more than a decade since they will do nothing wrong to lower their reputation.


It gives you peace of mind and relieves you of stress when you have a strong team of security guards outside your residence or handling your events. So, here are some of the attributes to look for when hiring security services-


1) They are physically fit- A trained and experienced security team can be spotted with the way they look and the way they carry themselves. They exercise regularly and remain with a certain scale range of weight. Keep in mind a trained person in the line of service should be fit enough to portray professionalism. Only a physically fit guard can run and catch thieves, not the stout one. Therefore, before choosing the security guard, look at the way he looks.


2) They are highly alert- Having a healthy fitness routine makes their mind alert. Besides, a good security guard is aware of his surroundings and remains alert to witness suspicious activities. They need to stay focused, especially during the night times when everything is dark. They must know that slightest of distraction can lead to a huge loss.


3) They have excellent communication skills- A proficient security guard must not only be good at using weapons and doing the job correctly, but also, he must possess excellent communication and writing skills to clearly talk about a situation and write each document, describing it thoroughly. Secondly, he should be able to talk with politeness with the residents of a building or the attendees of the event.


4) They know how to monitor every situation- If he sees something suspicious or site burglars, thieves and attackers, he must know how to handle the situation and communicate it to fellow personnel and higher authorities within no time. The way he manages a disrupted situation tells a lot about his risk-factor, experience and the ability to tackle problems.


5) They can serve the client’s needs- A right security guard must be detailed oriented and has high cognitive skills to remember various details to serve clients. Moreover, he should be able to follow the guidelines as per the requirements of the client in the area he is posted in.


Five Practices to Enhance the Security of Shopping Malls

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The holiday season is soon approaching and all the shopping centres are expected to be overwhelmed. The administrative teams of malls have to prep up well in advance to ensure a good experience for visitors, control crowd, and quickly handle any suspicious behaviours.

Because the malls are spread across a huge area, they can be a little harder to monitor. There are numerous entryways or exits, and the chances of infiltrators or terrorists trying to invade into the space are quite high.

Think of the Calgary mall shooting that was reported more than a month back. Although, the mishap happened outside the building; there is a handful of such instances happening every year in and near the city of Montreal as well.

So, it is high time that the security game of shopping centres has to be stepped up to safeguard the staff and the shoppers. An appropriate number of security personnel and resources have to be deployed to serve the public better overall.

Here are five security practices that we generally recommend to all our mall clients –

  1. Do a Thorough Assessment

Shopping centres are at most risk when they are outdoor or in open premises. The threats and security breaches are high and missing even a single vulnerable area can be a clear gateway for the malicious intended people into the building. That is why it is essential to call for a proper security assessment done by a security company and find the right solutions to make the property safe and secure.

  1. Provide Training to the Workforce

A mall staff includes anyone and everyone – from valet staff, cleaners, and information desk employees to the ones that work at the retail stores and may have to encounter thefts or threats often. All these people have to be trained to act appropriately in high-risk situations and contribute their part in ensuring people’s safety.

  1. Install Security Alarm Systems and Cameras

With multiple levels of shops, restaurants, movie theatres, along with storage and delivery areas, the entire complex becomes quite susceptible to criminal activities and challenging for your small security team. Hence, there should be well-placed security cameras to keep an eye on evil activities and later use the footages for investigations, if any crime happens.

  1. Establish Communication Between Retail Stores

Retail crime may be laughing matter for many, but is, in fact, a serious one that needs a solution right away.  The most practical one is the communication between all the staffs and stores, both for issuing a warning or lending a helping hand. So, opt for a system that is efficient than usual telephones and can ensure timely action in case of emergencies.

  1. Deploy Additional Patrolling Guards

The shoppers in the mall must feel safe all the times. It has to be evident to them that any theft or perpetrators are being watched over and cannot be spared. Remember, the patrolling guards are the first line of defence for the malls and stores inside; so when it is festive or holiday time, hire a few extra guards for constant check of washrooms, parking, roof doors, mechanical rooms, and more.