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The Top 3 Benefits Of Hiring Patrol Security Services

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When it comes to securing your business or residential property, you have two options- hire a security guard or enlist mobile patrol services. Hiring a security officer to stand watch at your property is beneficial but mobile patrols have also become popular lately. Usually, homeowners and businesses never consider hiring a patrol service but this service offers a superior level of security. Whether you want to secure your commercial property or residence, mobile patrol guard service acts as an effective visible deterrent.

The patrol security guards cover a specific geographical area by patrol vehicles, bicycles, or on foot to watch for suspicious activity. They use local security agents to get access to local information and can cover both random and scheduled routes. To achieve top-level security, a mobile patrol service can compliment stand watch services. It is also a great alternative to an on-site security guard. Unlike the traditional security guard solutions, patrol guards are not fixed to a single location which helps in avoiding potential threats and prevent criminals from inflicting any harm. You can also keep a track of what’s going around your premise because mobile patrol professionals use electronic GPS and time-stamped reports of each patrol.

Mobile patrol security is the best way to secure your home, business, or any event. If you’ve never considered hiring patrol guards, here are some reasons why mobile patrol security guard service is one of the best security services.

  1. All Round Security

The patrol security guard receives training to perform major security tasks such as identify threats, crowd control, property patrolling, and more. They perform their duty on wheels, as well as on foot to ensure the safety of every corner of the place. When you hire mobile patrol guards, they will take rounds all over your premises to ensure that the place is completely safe. These guards possess prior security service experience which helps them in developing the perfect security strategies that are tailored to your specific security concerns.

  1. Multiple Security Services

Mobile patrol units not only perform typical security services but other functions also. The patrol guards can carry out multiple tasks to ensure the optimal safety of their clients. Besides patrolling, the guards can physically check the entire building and all doors and windows, to ensure the property is secure. They also provide lock and unlock services, quick identification of illegal issues, vacant premises inspections, escort employees and customers, accept deliveries, keep watching contractors, after-hours door checking and much more.

  1. Quick Response

Whether it’s your home or office, there’s always a risk of fire or theft. In case, a fire breaks out or a burglar breaks in, your guards can respond right away. During emergencies, you need professionals to respond immediately and take the necessary steps to protect you from the danger until help arrives. If you’re a business owner, a sudden alarm set off by accident can cause a great deal of inconvenience. But when you have security professionals, they can handle every situation at any time. They can even contact the law enforcement officers or fire department if needed.

Reasons to Hire Security Guards for a Retail Business

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Every business is at risk of theft and vandalism. For a business owner, it may not be possible to secure the premise from different kinds of risks alone. So, to keep the business property, customers, and employees safe, business owners rely on security guards. When it comes to retail stores and malls, it’s even more important to hire security guards because of the added security concerns. The shopping malls and retail outlets have large crowds and significant foot traffic. It’s impossible to look after such a sizeable amount of people and secure the premise from robberies, fire, terrorism, etc. single-handedly.

Businesses like convenience stores, banks, and retail stores are often the first target of criminals and robbers. Ensuring the safety of the store, as well as customers is essential for multiple reasons. Shopping complexes and stores have a constant flow of people coming in and out. If a robber breaks into the store to steal the computers, cash, and other valuable items, it causes both short and long term monetarily loss. Once a retail outlet is targeted by criminals, employees start to feel unsafe, as well as customers avoid going there because they find the place unsafe. So, to prevent such criminal activities, it’s best to hire security guards. The security officers are competent to protect your business and provide peace of mind.

Are you on the fence about whether or not hiring a security guard is right for your business? If so, let’s take a look at some of the benefits of hiring security officers in retail stores and malls.

Deter Shoplifting & Other Crime

The biggest challenge faced by retail stores is shoplifting. The petty thieves take advantage of the busy hours and these shoplifting incidences result in a lot of financial loss for a business. It’s difficult for business managers to keep an eye on everyone in the store. Even if you install CCTV camera, by the time you check the footage, it gets too late. So, to keep a track of products and customers in a store, it’s best to hire security guards. The presence of security officers deters criminal activities because the thieves avoid such places. Also, if someone still tries to shoplift, security officers make sure that the criminals are caught before they get away with their crimes.

Better Customer Service

The stores that have uniformed security officers on-site are preferred by customers. Simply the presence of a guard is enough to make people feel safe. Moreover, these guards not only keep an eye on criminals. The guards become a part of your business and customers usually first contact the front door guards for information like directions, business hours and any other basic assistance they may need. Your security guard can soon become your customer service representative, as well as an escort to customers or employees leaving the premises late at night.

Handle Emergency Situation

Shopping complexes and malls are more at the risk of emergencies like fire or terrorist attacks. Due to the presence of a number of people, crowd control can become a major issue. The situation may get more serious when people start to panic. Handling such a situation alone is impossible. When you have security guards, they act as a first responder. The licensed security guards are trained to react calmly and quickly in a high-stress situation. They can help in ensuring the safety of everyone present on the site and some may even have training in medical emergency response like CPR and First Aid.