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How to Hire a Security Guard for Your Commercial Space

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If you are a business owner, you would realize how keeping up with the security of your business and employees has become challenging nowadays. The world is becoming uncertain, the crime rates are toughing sky high, and amidst this pressure, you can barely think of letting your premises unattended.

Considering that, more and more security guard service providers are brooding up in the market to save you from such hassles and restlessness. These individuals are trained to fight all the potential threats they witness to make sure the communities are secure.

But what are the things that set apart a security agency and make it win over others? Well, majorly it is their commendable ability to fulfill the responsibilities with loyalty and ensuring safety and guarding of the people around.

Here is a perfect guide for you to select reliable security guard services for your commercial and workspace.

  1. Check their background thoroughly

This is a mandatory step that has to be followed before you get any security guard on board. You cannot hire someone who has an evident criminal account in the past or possess a faulty record with the law.

So, to make sure you are delegating the job to the right person, collect their identification documents along with suitable proof as police verification. You can even ask a private investigator to double-check the legitimacy of the candidate.

  1. Ask for their total experience

Having a good two to three years of work experience enhances a candidate’s competencies. It is not that an amateur cannot safeguard your business; it is just that an experienced individual is more familiar with the risks related to the job and knows how to handle them efficiently.

Hence, shortlist only those security agencies that are in this field from a sufficient amount of time and are well-renowned in the city.

  1. Discuss their duty hours

Mostly the security guards are employed for a 12-hour job hour bracket in a day. However, some guards may be available for lesser time.

So, before you finalize any security guard, discuss their preferable working hours and make arrangements accordingly. Consider employing multiple guards if you wish to maintain security all around the clock.

  1. Choose someone with a pleasant personality

No, your security guard doesn’t have to be super handsome but at least should have a pleasant personality and plenty of etiquettes to meet and greet you and the people visiting your office.

Though the guards are trained to have a stoical appearance by the agencies, that doesn’t imply they should be rude or lack basic mannerisms.

  1. Talk about their salary and agreement of service

The salary and benefits of a security guard are highly dependent on the skills and experience he has. Other factors that matter are – training, qualification, duty hours and whether or not the guard is armed.

There might be a strict holiday policy in case your security guard comes from an agency. Overtime and bonus may also be applicable. Therefore, scrutinize these aspects thoroughly before signing that dotted line.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Security Audit?

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A process that trained security professionals uses, to locate weak points in your property by accessing and analyzing it is called Security Audit. After examining it properly, they also offer an action plan to help you improve your security and safety. Security audit enhances the safety of people who live or work in the building and also prevent any kind of burglary or damage to the property. Thus, a security audit is necessary for commercial buildings, residential spaces that require increased security, condominiums, complexes, office tower, and schools.

Now you might be interested in knowing why a security audit is so important. Read on to know its advantages.


  1. Assessment of Security – Before going for any security plans, it is crucial to know your property. A security audit is the best option for that. Security audit service providers analyze the property and determine all the vulnerable points in your security systems. A report is then prepared for the client so that he is made aware of the unsafe areas that are sensitive to theft, vandalism, and other crimes. Professionals even provide additional security measures and recommend security guard services and alarm services where they are necessary.


  1. Risk Assessment – It involves identifying risks and providing security to ensure that all the assets are protected. In this process, security professionals examine all the major threats to your asset. After that, they provide proper guidance in recognizing what security technology is required. Experts also create custom plans as per the needs of their clients that easily fit their budget. This way, you get the best of the security for your valuable possessions.


  1. Prevention of Crime – Installing video cameras, security alarms, and hiring other security measures help in preventing your property from criminals. Moreover, it reduces the crime rate as vandals, and thieves will think twice before entering the highly secured areas. In case anything suspicious happens, it will be recorded in the camera, and thus, you can track everything. In your absence, security cameras and alarms will do the work of preventing your assets. So, it is advised to hire security audit professionals to ensure the safety of your belongings.


  1. Your Security System is upgraded – Auditing helps in identifying all the loopholes present in your current security system. Thus, you can get your security systems upgraded if any flaw is present. Security professionals understand where lack of security can turn out to be risky and therefore provide tailored services to fit your needs. They also provide well-trained security guards if needed. Because of being professionals, they can easily sense anything fishy and respond accordingly.


Do you think your property also requires a security audit? Then don’t delay it. Make the safety of your family and employees your priority. Hire security audit professionals today!