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How to Ensure Safe and Successful Security Patrol

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With the surging levels of crime rate, the importance of security patrolling services has increased than ever before. In fact, the job of a security guard is the most challenging and life-threatening when compared to jobs in other industries.

Having said that, it is vital that the security patrols are well-trained and organized in advance to carry out efficient patrolling. Every guard should be fully aware of the duties he is going to execute and also know the actions he has to accomplish to perform his role accurately. He should know the route he should follow and be clear while giving directions to the other staff members.

Since crimes and burglary are happening more often, a security guard needs to be highly alert and watchful to avoid such incidents in his assigned area. That can be easily done by routine patrolling and keeping a vigilant eye on any suspicious activity or unwanted visitors around.

However, security guards have to not only ensure safety and guarding of the communities, but also of themselves. So, let us go ahead and discuss some important points to help the security service company and its managers create safe working conditions –

Keep your Guards Armed with Defensive Gears

No matter how skilled and trained your team is, you can never predict when the situations can turn to the worst. To ensure the safety of your guards even in the most hostile conditions, ensure that they are equipped with proper defensive gears.

They should always carry firearms with them and wear protective clothing and have few things handy – like a flashlight, radio, pepper spray, and a baton.

Allocate the Checkpoints Appropriately

For effective security patrolling, it is essential to have checkpoints allocated throughout the area in a way that they are easily accessible for the guards on the round in case of emergency or danger to their physical safety.

Moreover, the allocation should be done in a way that the buildings and the whole area remains unexposed to any sort of risk and there are no extreme weather conditions around.

Know the Job Site well and the Risks Associated With it

The security guards are quite often asked to pay duties for property housing life-threatening materials. In such a situation, it is crucial that they are well-informed with the potential dangers surrounding them.

They should know if the materials they are guarding can attract thieves or are hazardous to their health. This way they can be prepared beforehand.


Don’t Forget the Right Clothing

Safety and clothing may sound like a total mismatch but in fact, appropriate clothing helps in the security guards to perform their job properly. The kind of clothing one wears has a great impact on health, and hence should be duly taken care of.

For instance, if you are on a foot patrol, you should be wearing comfortable shoes. Since, there will be a lot of walking, running and other physical activities involved, your footwear should be very supportive, lightweight and slip prone to prevent injury.

Top 4 Security Tips for Your Upcoming Event

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Crime rates are increasing day by day and when it comes to hosting big scale events, it is solely the host’s duty to ensure the guest’s safety. Collecting a large number of people at one location is no less than any threat and there are higher possibilities of mishaps like a stampede, murder, theft, etc.

Any event can become a nightmare within the blink of an eye, especially when there are no dedicated security forces to handle the situation. That is why event security has to be taken seriously.

Most of the event professionals are inclined towards guest experience more and pay attention to things like food-and-beverage, venue location, and entertainment more and consider the security last. Taking into account the numerous catastrophes that have stroked the events in the past, security should always be on the top of every event preparation list.

So, read through some of the best tips to organize a safe and successful event –

Plan Well in Advance

It is crucial to organize your whole security staff before the starting of the event. No guard should have ambiguities in regards to the role he is going to play. Rather, every staff member should be well aware in advance for the actions they have to accomplish.

There should be a full-proof plan and all the guards should be given clear directions as to how to maintain security throughout the event.

Assess the Level of Risk

It is crucial to understand that every event has different security needs. A kid’s birthday party involves lesser risks than a political campaign. So, identify the level of risk or threats you are going to deal with at your event and decide the volume of security personnel you need.

Make sure you ask all critical questions before devising a security plan – who are the attendees/chief guests of the event? Is there any controversy involved around them? Are there any chances of protests or counter-protests? Is there any non-human security threats like wild animals or natural calamities foreseen at the event?

Opt for Visible Security Measures

It is always better to prevent the threats beforehand than responding to them later on. Installing hidden cameras around the premises sometimes backfires as the potential agitators may consider the event to be unprotected and go ahead with their nuisance actions.

You obviously want your attendees to feel safe and by making your security devices visible, you can ensure them that every possible measure is undertaken for their protection.

Have an Emergency Plan Ready

As a smart event host, you should always develop an emergency safety plan in case of fire or other unexpected circumstances. Each and every staff member should know the right course of action in case an emergency strikes and know the different ways for mass evacuation.

There should be clarity as to how will the staff communicate and how the guests will be directed to a secured location immediately. Everything should be documented and a first aid kit should always be kept on the site.